Flying Wedding Veils Are the Latest Trend in China, And We’re Loving How Extra It Is

flying veil(Credit: Shanghaiist / Facebook)

From comfort llamas to flower walls to gold-encrusted dinner fare, weddings are known to be the perfect opportunity for a flair for the flamboyant. And China’s latest wedding trend is no exception. According to Shanghaiist, the latest fad is one-part fashion, one-part magic show: flying veils.

In a video shared on Facebook late last month, numerous brides can be seen waiting at the end of a long, elaborate aisle, sans veil—when, all of a sudden, one seemingly flies out of the blue on wires and is dropped delicately onto their heads.

The sheer veils appear to be “flying,” but in actuality, are attached to ceiling rails and weights. Add on a few errant birds, and the effect is almost Cinderella-esque. Social media users have been quick to weigh in on the latest trend, expressing both their admiration and amusement at something so seemingly extra.

Popular wedding trends in the U.S. from the past year include mellower features like a gift lounge, metallic dresses and elaborate getaways post-wedding, be it via motorcycle, horse drawn carriage or helicopter.