Pottery Barn’s ‘Friends’ Collection Has Expanded for the Holidays—So Get Your Registries Ready

pottery barn friends collaboration(Credit: Pottery Barn)

November is here, which means the cider’s mulling, turkey’s turking, and yams are yamming. Ahead of the holidays, Pottery Barn’s  Friends collection has expanded even more, so you’ll want to get your registries and those gift ideas ready. The additional items, which are now in stores and online, pay special homage to the sitcom’s seasonal episodes alongside other classic offerings, which dropped this summer.

Pottery Barn’s partnership with the iconic ‘90s television show dropped just in time to mark the sitcom’s 25th anniversary. The original launch included items like Ross’ beloved dresser, art work and branded pillows. But now, the collaboration has grown so you can add even more Friends-themed Pottery Barn items to your registry. The seasonal expansion includes cute add-ons that will allow you and your partner to showcase your love of the sitcom in your newlywed nest.

The entertaining holiday collection will take you down memory lane with Friends-inspired home décor and accessories—and yes, the “holiday armadillo” even makes an appearance.

Fans of the show will remember all of the funny moments that happened during the holiday episodes, like Monica putting a turkey on her head or Phoebe penning a song about the whole gang. Of course, who could forget “The One With the Holiday Armadillo?” The episode, which aired during the seventh season of the series, featured Ross trying to introduce his son to Hanukkah by dressing up as an armadillo.

All of those seasonal episodes are captured in the collection’s expansion—ranging from mugs to canvas prints. Keep scrolling to see some of the best items from the collaboration, and check out the entire line, both online at and in-stores.

Pottery Barn’s ‘Friends’ Holiday Collection

Get into the holiday spirit by making yourself a warm cup of cocoa (or coffee) with this Holiday Armadillo mug.

Pottery Barn Holiday Armadillo mug, $15,

Greet your guests, Joey-style, by hanging this “How You Doin’” print on your walls. Or better yet, why not gift a saying to each member of your wedding party? True fans of the sitcom will hang these up immediately.

Pottery Barn How You Doin’ print, $200,

Who could forget the iconic peephole frame in Monica’s apartment? Steal the style with this one.

Pottery Barn peephole frame, $30,

Pay tribute to one of Phoebe’s silliest (and also catchiest) songs from the show with this “Smelly Cat” print.

Pottery Barn Smelly Cat print, $200,

Or get the song-inspired mug, which is guaranteed to make your partner smile while you both enjoy your morning coffee.

Pottery Barn Smelly Cat mug, $15,

Die-hard fans will get this inside joke, which is from “The One Where Everybody Finds Out.” In the episode, Monica and Chandler finally reveal their secret romance to the whole crew.

Pottery Barn They Don’t Know print, $200,

Enjoy a cup of coffee before your turkey dinner with this mug, based off the ultimate ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving: “The One With All the Thanksgivings.”

Pottery Barn Turkey Head mug, $15, Pottery

Pottery Barn’s Original ‘Friends’ Collection

Pottery Barn’s relationship with Friends goes back to the days when the show was being written. Longtime fans might remember the season six episode called “The One With the Apothecary Table.” 

In it, Rachel tricks Phoebe into believing an apothecary table she purchased from Pottery Barn was actually a one-of-a-kind furniture piece. Despite their opposite tastes in home décor, Phoebe comes around to liking the table… and every other piece of Pottery Barn furniture purchased by Rachel to furnish their apartment.

You can still bring that exact table—as well as other nostalgic home accessories and furnishings—into your own home to give it a Central Perk flair. The original collection includes throw pillows, mugs, welcome mats and wall art. See some of the other current offerings from the collab below.

Even though you can’t have Gunther make your morning brew, you can still enjoy it Central Perk-style with this travel mug.

Pottery Barn x Friends ‘Central Perk’ travel mug, $25,

welcome friends pillow

As you curl up on your couch for your next Friends binge-watching session, you’ll love settling in with this throw pillow.

Pottery Barn x Friends welcome pillow, $50,

Apothecary coffee table

Bring that iconic Season 6 episode to life in your own home with an exact replica of Rachel and Phoebe’s beloved apothecary table.

Pottery Barn x Friends apothecary coffee table, $1,099,

tea towels set of two

If you refuse to share food just like Joey, this tea towel set is a must for your kitchen. An added bonus: the other towel features Rachel’s iconic beef trifle Thanksgiving creation.

Pottery Barn x Friends tea towel set of 2, $35,

Purple apartment door pillow

Bring the iconic purple door into your own home with this nostalgic throw pillow.

Pottery Barn x Friends apartment door pillow, $30,

I'll Be There For You canvas wall art

If the Friends theme song is your favorite television jingle, you’ll love adding this classic lyric to your walls.

Pottery Barn x Friends ‘I’ll Be There For You’ canvas art print, $149,

'You're My Lobster' mug

Give your lobster this sweet mug to remind them that you’re mates for life (just like Ross and Rachel).

Pottery Barn x Friends ‘You’re My Lobster’ mug, $15,

fountain wall art canvas

While you likely can’t bring a fountain into your home, this canvas print pays homage to the classic couch-and-fountain scene in the opening credits.

Pottery Barn x Friends fountain scene canvas art print, $149,

'Welcome Friends' doormat

Invite your closest pals into your home with a Friends-inspired welcome mat.

Pottery Barn x Friends doormat, $20,


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