Couple’s ‘Frozen’ Engagement Announcement Video Duet: Watch!

Frozen Engagement VideoAndrew W. Foster and Roman Martinez announced their engagement by creating a video to Frozen's "Love is an Open Door."

After 23 years together same-sex couple Andrew W. Foster and Roman Martinez created the best, cheesiest Frozen engagement and wedding announcement video by recording a heartwarming duet to “Love is an Open Door.”

The couple, who met in August 1993, told The Knot, “It was an instant attraction!” Now after 23 years together Foster shared that his beau Martinez thought “an over-the top, silly and fun video would fit the bill,” for their wedding announcement, “because, well, that’s who we are. We both built it up from there.”

It was last June that the United States Supreme Court overturned the ban on same-sex marriage and the couple told The Knot, “both of our families were pouring on the pressure to officially ‘marry.’” Despite the pressure, Foster and Martinez “didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon with a small ceremony in a courthouse,” explaining, “we knew it had to be well thought out, financially planned for, and inclusive of our large families.” That’s where the Frozen engagement and wedding announcement came into play!

“As we began actually discussing marriage and what we both envision for a wedding, it started snowballing,” the two fiances told The Knot with a potential pun intended. “But what we thought would be a super great element, was to make the engagement announcement something special.”

The two “big karaoke fans” shared that although the Frozen song “Love is an Open Door” was not intended as a male duet the song fit their voices and was perfect for a Frozen engagement announcement. Their original plan was to share the recording as their announcement, then later added the video.

The self-proclaimed “huge Disney fans,” confided that they hadn’t seen the Oscar-winning animated feature before recording the duet, so they “didn’t know that the song was between a princess and the eventual villain,” but the lyrics and the Disney name made it all the more meaningful. “Our first road trip together was the 1000 mile drive to Disneyland from Portland, Oregon,” they said.

With one quick meeting with their Director Valory J Lawrence and Videographer Steve Brian, the iconic Orgon locations were chosen. “We all met the day of filming and were done in 6 hours,” the couple told The Knot.

Foster and Martinez recalled, “It was shot on a cold, damp, muddy day in February (ah, Oregon),” adding that “the end of the video where the credits roll, we were dancing and singing on the dock, in the RAIN.” Not quite the most fairytale filming scenario, there was one magical moment that rose far above the rest that day, despite the rain.

“The video was the actual proposal,” the couple shared exclusively with The Knot. Neither of the two gentleman had officially proposed to the other prior to filming, making the video truly a Frozen engagement and wedding announcement all in one!

The scene under the St. John’s Bridge when Martinez says the lyrics, “Can I just say something crazy? Will you marry me?” and Foster replies, “Can I say something even crazier? Yes,” was their real proposal, captured in one take, the couple told The Knot.

“It was late in the day and we were losing our light and the proposal hit Andrew like a ton of bricks. It was genuine,” Martinez said. “Even though our family and friends hoped for it, it still caught some by surprise. At that point in the song, people kind of went nuts!”

The two created a daily countdown on their Facebook pages starting from 10 and leading up to their Frozen engagement video sharing with The Knot, “The day we posted our video announcement was timed out to be the exact 5 month mark before our wedding day!”

The couple are planning on marrying in August of this year at the “beautiful and elegant” Abernethy Center in Oregon City, Oregon, they shared with The Knot.

“We are overwhelmed with planning but are slowly making progress. This week’s daunting task? Freaking out about the formal invitations…” they said adding, “And we certainly didn’t expect our wedding announcement video to go viral!”

Congratulations to longtime loves Andrew W. Foster and Roman Martinez on their engagement, and thank you for such a wonderful story and entertaining Frozen engagement and wedding announcement video!

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