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FYI’s ‘Arranged’ Season 2 Sneak Peek: Vicki Tries on Wigs to Uphold Jewish Tradition

Ben and Vicki from ArrangedVicki, a Jewish Orthodox bride-to-be, tries on wigs in an exclusive sneak peek video for FYI's Arranged. Credit: Karolina Wojtasik

Season 2 of FYI’s Arranged premieres Tuesday, May 10. Viewers will be met with plenty of drama and controversial issues. The Knot is giving Arranged fans an exclusive sneak peek prior to meeting the season 2 couples. The clip features Vicki, an Orthodox Jew, who is contemplating whether or not to adhere to the “Orthodox Jewish law” of covering her hair once she marries her fiancee, Ben.

Vicki is feeling the pressure. She’s worried that not choosing to cover her hair will result in the Jewish community judging her. She fears becoming a “black sheep” or being viewed as “not as religious as other people.” Plus, what will her husband think?

The bride-to-be meets a friend who offers her support and opinion as Vicki tries on wigs. The experience is “overwhelming.” Vicki wants to feel like herself. The struggle is apparent on the future bride’s face as she wears a wig covering her naturally gorgeous, brown hair. Will she find a new look to suit her, or will she choose to forgo tradition? Check out the clip, and tune in tomorrow for the Arranged season 2 premiere episode.

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