FYI’s New Series ‘Bride & Prejudice’ Debuts in March: Watch the Trailer!

Briana and Adam from Bride & PrejudiceBriana and Adam from FYI's new series "Bride & Prejudice." Credit: FYI

Married at First Sight fans are dealing with mixed emotions as the end of season 3 draws near. But there’s no need to dread post-finale Tuesday nights, because FYI has done it again!

A new series, Bride & Prejudice, will follow three head-over-heels couples who are determined to make it official. But their families will test their relationships with their bigotry and prejudice views.

In the tension-filled trailer posted on FYI’s Facebook page, viewers meet the Bride & Prejudice couples who are not backing down. Lou and Chris are a gay couple who recently got engaged in Hawaii, but when they break the news to their families, they’re met with opposition. “Who wants to have your son walk down the aisle with a man?” Chris’ mom asks. “I don’t.”

Eugene and Samantha are an interfaith couple who are dedicated to raising their child in a multi-faith home. But Eugene’s family is dead-set against him marrying a non-Jewish woman, saying “Jews marry Jews, and they have Jewish children.”

Adam and Briana are an interracial couple who fell in love the moment they met. But when they share the news of their upcoming wedding with Briana’s family, they’re met with a negative reaction from multiple family members. “We don’t have nothin’ to talk about,” a family member says to the couple. Another says, “I don’t like him, because he’s white.”

The drama is real for these real-life couples, and we are hopeful they’ll overcome their families’ prejudice views.

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