‘Game of Thrones’ Showrunner David Benioff Calls Out His 10th Wedding Anniversary to Amanda Peet in Emmys Speech

Novelist David Benioff and actress Amanda Peet attend the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 18, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Barry King/Getty Images)

Game of Thrones‘ co-creator, David Benioff, wants the world to know he’s proud to be married to actress Amanda Peet.

The talented duo will celebrate ten years of marriage on September 30, but the doting husband saw the 2016 Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 18, as the perfect opportunity to send an early anniversary shout-out to his wife.

During two separate acceptance speeches, the 45-year old screenwriter was sure to include a thank you note to his 44-year old bride. Viewers took notice when Benioff addressed his wife by her full name in not one, but both of his speeches.

“Amanda Peet, it’s our 10th anniversary in a week. Ten years of non-stop fun. I love you so much,” he said after winning the Outstanding Drama Series award. He also made sure to include Peet’s last name before mentioning their three children. “Henry, Frankie, Molly, I love you three so much,” he concluded in his speech. “And I’m so sorry I’m going away next week and… and I’m sorry.”

Twitter lit up with comments regarding Benioff’s choice of words. One tweet managed to capture what some viewers of the live broadcast were thinking.

“Yes, David Benioff, we know you’re married to Amanda Peet. You don’t need to keep saying her full name just to brag. 😉 #Emmys,” the post read.

Another tweet simply poked fun at the award-winning director. “I’d like to thank my wife, amanda peet. amanda peet, who is my wife. the actress, amanda peet. we are married. me. to her.” – david benioff,” read the comical message.

And Benioff not only gave his wife multiple shout-outs… He also showed his unwavering love for her through his on-screen actions. Before accepting the final Emmy of the night, he gave Peet a dramatic kiss.

Benioff and Peet dated for five years before marrying in 2006.


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