‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Featured a Breathtaking, Late-Night Wedding: Find Out Who Got Married

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A Gilmore Girls wedding! After months of excitement leading up to its premiere, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premiered Friday, November 25, on Netflix. Fans anticipated a wedding during the four-part revival–which caught viewers up on the lives of Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) nearly a decade after the original series finale. But it remained a mystery who would be walking down the aisle… until now!

The Proposal

In the final reboot episode, entitled “Fall,” Lorelai travels from Connecticut to California, hoping to find clarity during a three-week hiking trip. After a series of unfortunate events, she returns home early, surprising her boyfriend, Luke (Scott Patterson), who is certain she’s going to leave him.

After a heartfelt speech stating the many reasons Lorelai should stay with him, Luke is shocked when she asks him to marry her. “Luke, I think we should get married,” she says without hesitation.

“What?” Luke asks as he tries to process Lorelai’s words.

“We’ve waited too long,” she replies. “I already picked a date. It’s this month. It’s on a Sunday, because I know you close early Sunday anyhow. It’s all set.”

Lorelai is confused when Luke leaves the room, but he returns with an engagement ring. “I just gotta tell ya… Before this thing goes on, you better realize the only way out is in a body bag,” Luke jokes before slipping the ring on her finger.

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Gilmore Girls (Saeed Adyani/Netflix)

The Wedding

Luke and Lorelai are busy making plans for their November 5 nuptials. The plan is to wed during the Stars Hollow Harvest Festival, but during a heart-to-heart talk on the eve of their wedding, Lorelai decides she wants to marry Luke that night in addition to their traditional ceremony. She wakes Rory, and the three travel to the town square in Luke’s truck for the impromptu wedding.

The venue is decorated with twinkling lights and a sign which reads, “Lorelai and Luke, Nov. 5th, 2016.” Rory is clad in pajamas as she stands by her mom. Lorelai is donning a black dress with a white collar and a black, lacy shrug. Luke opts for his leather jacket and a casual shirt.

The ceremony is quick, and afterward, Lorelai and Rory share a memorable mother-daughter moment. Rory’s current boyfriend, Paul (Jack Carpenter), breaks up with her via text, and Lorelai comforts her by saying, “It needs to fit… believe me. He’ll find someone amazing one day, and so will you.”

Just before the episode ends, Rory drops a bombshell. “Mom, I’m pregnant,” she says.

It’s a new beginning for both of the Gilmore Girls.

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