Giraffe Perfectly Photobombs Couple’s Wedding Photos: “He Was So Gentle and Nosy”

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He might not have been on the guest list, but one long-necked, elegant beast made it his business to introduce himself to a wedding party during a photoshoot taking place in South Africa earlier this month.

According to photographer Stephanie Norman, she was shooting a happy couple on their wedding day—presumably after their vows—when the inquisitive giraffe wandered over.

“Getting cuddles from a Giraffe on your wedding day is a pretty amazing experience!” she captioned a now-viral image of the giraffe bending its neck down to say hello to newlyweds Luke and Tristan Karshagen. “How Blessed are these two.”

In the photo, the pair are sharing a romantic smooch under some sun-dappled trees while the giraffe looks on.

Norman explained that the “very inquisitive” giraffe decided to photobomb the couple’s photoshoot and then “hung around for a good twenty minutes.”

“He was so gentle and nosy, and an absolute pleasure to photograph,” she wrote. “Living in Africa is pretty amazing.”

This is far from the first time that animals have made their presence known at particularly romantic moments for couples around the globe. Earlier this year, a stingray photobombed one couple’s proposal at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto.

Many furry pets have been known to photobomb their owner’s proposals and engagement shoots as well, and last November, a smiling horse caught the bride and everyone else in the wedding party by surprise—and caused the Internet to erupt in laughs as the image went viral.

“It feels great to see this photo getting the attention, not for myself, but for the bride and her horses,” photographer Tony Bendele told The Knot at the time. “The horses were very important to her for the wedding day. For myself, a few times a year we have some photos reach this level (normally weather-related). It’s always a great feeling to see people react positively to the photos, especially if we can put smiles on their faces for a few moments.”

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