Gisele Bundchen Says She and Tom Brady Have “Learned A Lot From Each Other” in Marriage

Tom Brady and Gisele BundchenTom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have changed each other in marriage. (

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady don’t believe in sitting on the sidelines when it comes to their relationship. In a new interview with CBS This Morning, the supermodel opened up about how the couple continues to thrive after eight years of marriage.

Bundchen, 36, made headlines earlier this year when she asked Brady, 39, to retire as quarterback from the New England Patriots. Rather than putting a wedge between them, Brady’s refusal prompted the Brazilian beauty to look inward.

“He’s playing football. It’s a contact sport and a very aggressive sport,” Bundchen acknowledged while speaking to Charlie Rose on Thursday, May 17. “But he knows I will always support him, and I want him to be happy.”

She added: “If [football] makes him happy, and he loves to do that, then I’m always gonna support him like I always have. I want him to be happy and fulfilled.”

“You’ve changed him and he’s changed you,” Rose observed.

“Yeah, I think that’s what we’ve done,” Bundchen said. “We do most of our growing in relationships because they see all of us, right? All the sides of us.”

The mother of two shared that she and the athlete continue to learn from each other. “Walking through this life with a partner you can always learn and grow from, it’s wonderful,” she told Rose.

While Brady’s career is still going strong, Bundchen has shifted her focus since her retirement from modeling in 2015. Along with motherhood (the couple share two children, Benjamin, 7, and Vivian Lake, 4), the former Victoria’s Secret Angel has made it her mission to protect the environment as an advisor for Project Drawdown, a non-profit dedicated to reversing global warming.

“I believe that what all of this noise is doing… is bringing more awareness,” Bundchen concluded to Rose. “I think now, people are just like, ‘I have to take matters [into] my own hands. I have to get educated. I have to learn. I have to kind of figure out how are we gonna do this.’”

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