Disney’s ‘Up’ is Real: Grandparents Recreate Piano Duet for 62nd Anniversary

Grandparents play Up piano duetTo celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, these 80-year-old grandparents filmed a piano duet of Carl and Ellie's theme song from Disney's Up.

On Monday, October 19 a Utah couple in their eighties captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people with a Youtube video celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary. The fuss they’ve caused isn’t about how long they’ve been together – though surely that is worth celebrating – but who they became in the now viral video.

With a little Disney magic, and their grandson Youtube star Jason Lyle Black, the couple recreated the touching love story of Carl and Ellie from Disney and Pixar’s animated feature Up. Bringing the characters to life, the two joined in a piano duet of “Married Life,” composed by Michael Giacchino – a score that one Giacchino an Oscar and Golden Globe.

Black, who kept the names of his grandparents out of the video to protect their privacy, told, “My grandparents are a great example of just quiet, ordinary people who live a simple, dedicated life.”

Reiterating their love for one another, Black said, “There’s millions of other couples out there like them, and it’s cool for everyone to get that reminder of the loyalty that can exist. This is #relationshipgoals to end all #relationshipgoals. It takes a lot of dedication to make it 60 years.”

The coupled utilized props like Carl’s bowtie and walker with the four tennis balls on the bottom, Ellie’s “Adventure Book,” and Carl’s signature thick, black-framed glasses to give the Up characters authenticity. But the love in their eyes, that was all real.

The pair who have been together since the 1950s are no strangers to tickling the ivories together, Black told

“My grandparents are in their 80s and have played piano duets for years, so I figured they would be perfect. My concern for them was they’re well into their 80s and it’s not exactly the age where you’re wanting to become a rock star, but they were interested and excited about the video.”

According to, the Up video took several months to create with the gathering of props and creating the proper piano arrangement. Though the Youtube video states that the couple were honoring their 60th anniversary, Black said that in September the pair actually celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary and that he had just wanted to put a round number, similar Carl and Ellie’s marriage date, in the mini movie.

And how did the two long-lasting lovebirds react to seeing themselves in the final cut?

“They loved it,” Black told “We actually got together for a private family ‘premiere’ on Sunday night. Grandma made cookies and we had a fun little get-together.”

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