Grizzly Bear Hilariously Crashes Couple’s First Look Session: See the Viral Photos

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When in a zoo, do as the zoo animals do. One couple recently decided to get hitched at the Minnesota Zoo, and were in for a funny, memorable surprise when a huge Russian grizzly bear decided to photobomb their vows in a set of images that have since gone viral.

The groom, who recently shared the images to Reddit, explained that the idea first came from the photographer. “They said [we were] very fortunate to get a picture with one of the local denizens,” the Reddit poster wrote. “The animals typically go in for mealtime when we’re allowed to wander prior to the ceremony. This Russian grizzly bear was the only one kind enough to give us his ‘blessings.’”

So we got married at the Zoo, and this bear had an interesting first look reaction from r/pics

In the series of hilarious photos, the bride and groom can be seen in fuzzy silhouettes in the foreground with the bear sharply in focus behind them. In the first image, the creature looks over at the bride with a stunned expression on its face. The second image shows the furry animal looking at the bride with a deep frown.

And the third image, perhaps the funniest of them all, shows the couple kissing with the bear gazing disappointingly at them from behind an entire wall of glass.

The wedding photographers of Chris and Kristy Photography likely cracked up upon seeing the bear’s reactions as well. In a post to Instagram, the photography company captioned the three images: “This bear and his facial expressions as he eyes the bride and groom. 😂 Best wedding photo crasher ever.”

This definitely isn’t the first time that a four-legged wedding crasher made a wedding go viral, however. There have been instances of llamas, horses and even hippos stealing the show on a couple’s big day. Our advice? Roll with it!

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