Groom, Best Man Cuddle Up to Celebrate Bromance in Wedding Day Photo Shoot

Groom and best man reading in bedGroom John Taylor and best man Andy Pemberton reading in bed before the wedding. Credit: Katie Byram Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and though this UK groom John Taylor married his bride Lisa back in September, it’s his bromance wedding day photo shoot with his best man Andy Pemberton that has caught the our attention.

When professional photographer Katie Byram of Katie Byram Photography signed up to capture memories of John and Lisa’s wedding she knew the bride and groom “were up for lots of fun,” she told The Knot.

When John asked for some special “‘comedy’ photographs” with Andy, Katie didn’t know what was in store, but, as the photographer explained, she’s “up for a bit of fun with my work,” and agreed to snap photos of John and Andy.

Groom and best man spooning in bed

Groom John Taylor and best man Andy Pemberton spooning in bed. Credit: Katie Byram Photography

“When I turned up at their hotel room John opened the door in a bathrobe and said with a cheeky smile, ‘Hello Katie, we’ve been expecting you.’”

The two gents lead the photographer in creating 20 minutes of bromance photo shoot magic at the Hotel du Vin in Newcastle, England, which began with the tattooed men pleasantly spooning in bed, Katie told The Knot.

Groom and best man sitting in separate bathtubs

Groom John Taylor and best man Andy Pemberton watching TV while soaking in separate bathtubs. Credit: Katie Byram Photography

“I normally take photographs of guys putting on their ties and button holes but they wanted something a lot less traditional and a lot more fun,” Katie recalled, saying that John and Andy had lead the whole bromance photo shoot with their many ideas and multiple funny poses. “We were roaring with laughter through much of it.”

Groom and best man drinking coffee in robes

Groom John Taylor and best man Andy Pemberton drinking coffee in matching robes. Credit: Katie Byram Photography

For those concerned with the bromance of this bride’s soon-to-be husband and his best man, put your fears aside! The bride had known about John’s fun and Katie revealed to The Knot that she even had a part to play. “It was in fact [Lisa the bride] who suggested they have a bit of fun on the morning of the wedding,” Katie said, having just found out about the bride’s role in their shenanigans!

“I had to go back into the calm bride’s room to get photographs of her putting her wedding dress on, trying to hold a straight face and not burst out laughing again.” After what she’d just seen? We’d have a hard time keeping it together too.

“I tried to not let it slip about the photographs so it could be a surprise for after the wedding,” but the sneaky photographer’s bride knew her husband and his mate too well.

“The bride did ask me, ‘was there nudity?’ and I said, ‘errrr yes’ and she laughed and said, ‘I knew it!’” Katie recalled adding, “I guess it’s just how they roll!” But the bride didn’t see the “full maddness” of the bromance photo shoot until after the wedding day when the photos were revealed to her.

Groom and bride holding hands

Groom John Taylor holding hands with his bride, Lisa. Credit: Katie Byram Photography

The wedding went on as planned with the Lisa looking stunning in her vintage-inspired cocktail wedding dress and John in his blue three-piece suit and tie perfectly complimenting her blue hydrangea bouquet. The couple exchanged vows at the As You Like It bar Jesmond on September 25.

Groom and bride sharing a kiss

Groom John Taylor kissing his bride Lisa. Credit: Katie Byram Photography

As for the bride’s reaction to her hubby and his best friend’s non-traditional bromance antics Lisa said, “I think the pictures are hilarious, John and Andy have been friends for years and the pics really show that they don’t take things too seriously. We were really amazed that the pics have gone so viral!”

Groom hugging best man afters peech

Groom John Taylor giving best man Andy Pemberton a hug after his wedding speech. Credit: Katie Byram Photography

The couple gives love of all kinds a good name, sharing their memories and a few good laughs with hundreds of thousands of viewers. The bride added, “We really didn’t want boring posed wedding photos so that’s why we chose Katie as our photographer. She captured their friendship and our whole wedding brilliantly.”

Groom, bride and best man sharing a hug

Groom John Taylor, bride Lisa and best man Andy Pemberton sharing a hug during the wedding reception. Credit: Katie Byram Photography

As for the photographer, this was Katie’s first photo shoot in this bromantic style, but she hopes that even more will come from sharing her photos of John and Andy.

“It was totally unique. I’ve never had such an enthusiastic groom or a bromance themed shoot before,” Katie told The Knot in an email, adding, “I can see that a lot of people have been inspired by the shoot and lots of grooms are saying they’d love to do something similar with their bestie! Perhaps we have started a new trend?!”

We sure hope so, Katie!

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