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Groom Makes Awesome LEGO Love Story Video to Show at Wedding

Lego love storyKevin Ulrich opens up to The Knot about how he used LEGOs to share his love story to Celina Frenn. Credit: Ashley Adams

Everything is awesome about this couple’s 73-second stop-motion “LEGO love story” video! Creator and groom Kevin Ulrich chatted exclusively with The Knot about the incredible production he made for his bride using LEGO minifigures, and the stories behind the scenes!

“I’m getting married this week!” the Youtube video’s caption reads. “To the most fantastic, adorable, and nerdy girl on the planet. This is our love story in 73 seconds.” The production, created entirely of LEGO minifigures and props, handmade sets and cool special effects kicks off where Ulrich and his fiancee Celina Frenn first met, their office.

“I created this video to show at my upcoming wedding,” Ulrich told The Knot. “The main goal was to show my fiancée how much I love and value her, but getting a viral video out of it was a secondary motive.”

Ulrich, who is one of many artists who create short LEGO films under the Brotherhood Workshop name, explained that his original plan was to use a LEGO video while proposing, “but she works in an office 20 feet from my studio, so finding the time to create the video and keep it secret was practically impossible.”

The idea was all but lost until his fiancee began to not-so-subtly wonder why she hadn’t gotten her own video yet. “Last month Celina started dropping hints that she would love if I made a video for her,” Ulrich told The Knot, “so I caved and told her I had wanted to do it in secret, but that wasn’t going to be possible.” The husband-to-be added, “So I did it with her full knowledge, and even with her input on what scenes to include.”

The couple, who are tying the knot in Orange County, California on Sunday, April 17, started off as co-workers, then friends, then graduated to dating, and so on. But it took some time for Ulrich to warm up to the idea of seeing someone in the office, as evidenced by the first line in the LEGO love story, “It is never a good idea to date a co-worker.”

Each second of the LEGO short is 24 frames. With such a short amount of time to tell their love story, Frenn’s supreme geekery is showcased in every scene with the very first being her identification of Frodo’s sword which Ulrich happens to be holding, and profession of her love of Lord of the Rings. She also quickly confesses to keeping a “Nerf gun and copy of The Hobbit” with her at all times.

But no matter how much she lets her LEGO geek flag fly, and despite urging from their colleagues to ask her out Ulrich insists that he does not date co-workers… Until, like Frodo’s destiny to hurl the ring into Mordor’s Mount Doom, the couple’s fate was sealed with a journey home from work.

Credit: Ashley Adams

Credit: Ashley Adams

A friendly dinner leads to Ulrich’s, “Aw dangit, she’s perfect,” realization, which prompts the scene where Ulrich asks Frenn out in a tree (which actually happened). The LEGO love story producer revealed to The Knot, “One of the hardest shots is actually the one of us sitting in the tree. The characters kept falling down, so I ended up shooting them separately against a green screen and compositing them into the shot. Hopefully it’s not too obvious.”

Once the LEGO couple secure their dating status it’s time for the dating montage! The little yellow couple eat BBQ chicken at Buena Park, hit up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando with wand-waving magic and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

“My favorite scene is probably the shot at the Aquarium,” Ulrich told The Knot. “I included that one just because I love aquariums, and we have visited many together. Celina enjoys them too…but not like I do.”

The couple travel from date to date in adorable LEGO outfit changes and scene switches until we get a glimpse at their first kiss (with fireworks) at the Sasebo Japanese Garden in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Ulrich’s proposal in Newport Beach, California!

“The video depicts the proposal pretty accurately,” the groom told The Knot. “I booked a Gondola ride, and there was a message in a bottle waiting for us. She pulled out the note, and it set me up for asking her to marry me.”

But there was a minor hiccup – Ulrich shared that the ring didn’t arrive until the day of the proposal, and he was with his future bride all day. “So while we were at dinner, my brother Brian stashed the ring in my car,” he said. “I didn’t even get to see the ring until I opened the box, asking her to marry me.”

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Ulrich and Frenn’s LEGO love story ends – but really begins – with the couple standing amongst friends and family at their outdoor wedding ceremony. Ulrich places a ring on his bride’s hand (because Lego minifigures don’t have fingers) and professes, “Best stupid decision ever!”

But with a ring and two nerds, the video couldn’t end there! The ring-obsessed Lord of the Rings character Smeagol/Gollum makes a cameo, the groom wields Frodo’s sword once more, and assures the bride, “Hang on a second honey, I’ll take care of this,” as the LEGO love story comes to a close.

Ulrich said of his bride-to-be, “She was very happy with the final product, she teared up and cuddled up to me saying how much she loved it.” But despite the popularity garnered by their LEGO love story video, LEGOs will not be making an appearance at their wedding.

“Considering LEGO dominates so much of my life, we made a conscious decision to not let it define our marriage as well,” Ulrich told The Knot. “That said, the DJ might be playing “Everything is Awesome!” at some point during the reception!”

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