Groom Surprises Bride With Hilarious, Choreographed Wedding Dance: “Those Guys Were In 100 Percent”

This groom surprised his wife with a hilarious choreographed dance at their wedding. (Miranda Marrs Photography)

A Texas bride was in for the surprise of her life after marrying the man of her dreams last month. As Lexi Heinrich sat with her new husband, Hunter Heinrich, during their wedding reception on July 9, she believed she was playing a game in front of their guests. Instead, her husband had secretly coordinated an epic surprise.

Lexi, a 23-year old registered nurse, was shocked as music began to play and her husband made his way to the dance floor with his six groomsmen. Soon, the men were showing off their dance chops in a well-choreographed wedding dance that Lexi — and the Internet — will never forget. Wedding guests cheered as the men danced to a medley of hits by Chris Brown, Beyonce, Boyz II Men, and Bruno Mars.

Although the newlyweds hadn’t hired a videographer, wedding photographer Miranda Marrs captured the surprise wedding dance. Hunter gave the photog advance notice that he had planned something special for his bride.

“When I saw the two of them sit down facing the dance floor, I knew it was go time!” the photographer tells The Knot. “Since the couple didn’t have a videographer, I decided to initially just film Lexi’s first reaction. Once everything started, I quickly realized that, no way. We have to record this whole thing! It was way too amazing!”

“The crowd was just beside themselves with laughter and cheers!” Marrs adds to The Knot. “It wasn’t just the dance itself or the surprise, it was Hunter’s enthusiasm when doing it! His facial expressions kill me every time I watch!”

Hunter, a 23-year old architect, has always enjoyed “goofy dancing” and knew he wanted to do something “fun and special” for Lexi during their wedding reception. After giving it some thought, he decided to coordinate a dance. “‘Forever’ by Chris Brown has been a favorite song of mine since it came out!” he tells The Knot. “That song gets people going and was perfect to kick off the dance with. Also, it was played during Jim and Pam’s wedding on The Office, so I wanted to make sure it was played at mine.”

“‘Bootylicious’ is a staple in any all-male dance, and it is so easy to dance to!” Hunter continues. “You really can never go wrong with Beyonce. Kicking it slow with Boyz II Men added variety to the dance and lots of humor. Some awesome guys in Houston, Texas, first used this song in their dance and I thought it was hilarious, so I had to put it in mine.”


“Finally, we wanted to end with a cute song that would be really sweet. It was like ‘Marry You’ [by] Bruno Mars was written for that purpose!” he tells The Knot.

When Hunter began to plan the surprise dance, he knew he could count on his groomsmen to help pull-off the fete. “I have the best groomsmen in the entire world!” he shares with us. “Those guys were in 100% from the first time I mentioned the dance to them to their stellar performance. They definitely made the entire dance awesome!”

Surprisingly, it took very little time for the gents to choreograph the compilation. “We actually did not practice as much as I thought we would,” Hunter admits. “The guys picked it up quick! We practiced the night before the wedding for about three hours, and then we did one run through with the DJ the day of the wedding. Honestly, we probably should have practiced more, but we all wore out pretty quickly,” he laughed.

Although clearly surprised by Hunter’s hilarious antics, Lexi proved she can go with the flow. She knows she’s lucky to have such a comedic husband. “I thought, ‘I am the luckiest girl in the world. This is over 4 million girls’ dreams and I’m living this!'” she tells us. “I’m so lucky!”

As for Marrs, she has been pleasantly surprised by her video’s popularity. The photographer is thankful she made the decision to hit “play” on Hunter and Lexi’s wedding day. “I’m a wedding photographer and have no videography experience outside of capturing small family moments at home with my camera, and the decision to film was a literal split second [one],” she concludes to The Knot. “I just wanted to capture it for the couple to remember later (and maybe for myself to watch on a day when I need a good laugh). I posted it only just so the rest of their friends and family could relive the moment and have a pick-me-up as well!” We’re glad she did!


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