Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s Final Three Contestants: Find Out Who’s Left

HANNAH BROWN, TYLER C.THE BACHELORETTE - "1506" - Emotionally exhausted from last week's drama but resolved to get her journey to find love back on track, Hannah looks forward to taking her nine remaining men to beautiful Riga, Latvia, on the Baltic Sea. One handsome suitor, who has been crushing hard on Hannah, is awarded the first one-on-one date. It turns out to be a heart-stopping but liberating experience as the couple bungee jump wearing little clothing; however, when the man kisses and tells about his lusty date, how will the other men react? On a group date to Riga Central Market, Hannah rewards another bachelor who presents her with flowers and passionate kisses. Two archrivals face off in a spirited wrist wrestling match that definitely grabs the Bachelorette's attention. On the final one-on-one for the week, Hannah and her date learn about a Latvian spa ritual, which mixes sauna and spiritual elements, including massage techniques. The temperature rises both literally and figuratively as the two connect with hot physical intensity, but will they be able to relate on a deeper, emotional level? Another man surprises Hannah with a late-night visit to proclaim his feelings for her. But before the rose ceremony, the Bachelorette is all business and needs to clarify what she expects in a future soul mate on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 24 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Mark Bourdillon) HANNAH BROWN, TYLER C.

And then there were three. As Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette season nears its culmination, viewers are preparing to watch the dramatic ending of her journey to find love—which could end with an engagement. After a tumultuous season, the remaining members of Hannah’s The Bachelorette’s cast has dwindled rapidly from 30 potential suitors to just three remaining contestants: Peter Weber, Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron.

Before the final rose ceremony, all three men will get one more date with the Alabama native. Not only did Chris Harrison promise that this season’s finale will be the most dramatic yet, the longtime franchise host also said on the Men Tell All special that it will be a “historic” ending.  Ahead of the two-part finale airing Monday and Tuesday nights, keep reading to learn more about the top three men and where they stand with their Bachelorette, Hannah B.

Peter Weber


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Pilot Pete and @alabamahannah giving us all the feels 🥰 #TheBachelorette

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Given his sweet smile and flying abilities, Peter Weber was The Bachelorette’s early fan-favorite. The 27-year-old pilot from California caught Hannah’s attention on the first night by arriving in his uniform and giving Hannah her very own set of pilot wings. (You know, so their love could take flight.) Since then, Peter and Hannah have enjoyed multiple group and one-on-one dates together, including a steamy spa day in Latvia.

When Hannah met his family on his hometown date, Peter expressed to them that he was falling for her. And during their romantic Mediterranean boat date in Greece in the latest episode, he officially told Hannah B. that he loved her. Interestingly enough, fans finally learned that it was Peter who spent that night with Hannah in the windmill.

Jed Wyatt

Jed Wyatt serenaded Hannah with his guitar on night one and quickly established himself as a front-runner, but his time on this season of The Bachelorette hasn’t been without controversy. During his one-on-one date with Hannah in Boston, the 25-year-old aspiring musician confessed that he originally came on the show to get exposure for his singing career. Despite admitting his true intentions for coming on the show, he reassured Hannah that he developed real feelings for her as their relationship progressed, thus allowing him to focus solely on finding love. But shortly after this date aired on television, Jed’s ex-girlfriend came forward and claimed he was still dating her when he unexpectedly left to participate in filming the show.

Fans also noticed his family had a tense reaction to meeting Hannah during Jed’s hometown date—but despite the drama surrounding Jed both on-and-off screen, he and Hannah spent the night together in the fantasy suite in Greece, where Jed confessed that he felt “more sure than I’ve ever been” about Hannah.

Tyler Cameron


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‘Twas a day I’ll always remember

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If one thing is certain, it’s that Hannah and Tyler Cameron do not lack physical chemistry. The 26-year-old Florida native established himself as an epic dancer on night one, but it was his fierce dedication to protecting Hannah (both on-and-off-screen) that’s since made him another fan-favorite.

Tyler C. and Hannah enjoyed one-on-one dates in Rhode Island and Amsterdam before Hannah traveled to his hometown in Florida to meet his family. Given their steady progress (and an intimate massage moment in Greece), it came as a shock to fans when Hannah told Tyler she was hesitant to take him to the fantasy suite. However, after he reassured her that he would respect her boundaries, they did, in fact, opt to spend the night together. The next morning, Hannah raved about Tyler, saying, “He was the most respectful man that’s ever been with me. Ever.”

To find out who Hannah ultimately chooses on her journey to find love, tune in to The Bachelorette’s two-part season finale, beginning on July 29 at 8/9c on ABC.