Exclusive: My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart Adorably Recalls Her Proposal to Fiancée Ella Mielniczenko

My Drunk kitchen hannah hartYouTube star Hannah Hart and her fiancee attend the 2018 Knot Gala at the New York Public Library in Manhattan on Monday, October 8, 2018. (Credit: Roey Yohai Photography /The Knot)

When YouTube star Hannah Hart met Ella Mielniczenko, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, and it wasn’t exactly love at first text, either. In fact, when the popular vlogger behind My Drunk Kitchen made her first move on Mielniczenko, that message was received with mixed emotions.

“Her exact words, because our friend Ashley still has all the texts, was: ‘She’s low-key weird,’” Hart, 31, recalls to The Knot. To be fair, however, she had sent Mielniczenko a Bitmoji of herself saying “What you thinkin’ about?” as a way to kick off their conversation.

“I was freaking out. I was like, ‘What is this?’” Mielniczenko, 28, says with a laugh. The previous day, their mutual friend had texted Hart, asking if she would consider asking Mielniczenko out on a date. The next day, Hart decided she would. And thus began the pair’s love story—even though they had actually first met months before then, when Hart happened to be in a video that Mielniczenko was producing.

“What I love most about Hannah is that she is very sharp,” Mielniczenko says. “It’s a combination of sharp but also quick. She knows a lot of things, but also thinks very well on her feet, and that’s what I love most about her. Plus, she’s so cute. She’s just so funny. She makes me spit up water all the time because I’m laughing. Or she’ll tell a joke and I’ll tell her you can’t talk while I’m eating because I’ll start to choke.”

My Drunk kitchen hannah hart

YouTube star Hannah Hart and her fiancee attend the 2018 Knot Gala at the New York Public Library in Manhattan on Monday, October 8, 2018. (Credit: Roey Yohai Photography /The Knot)

Hart, who hosts the hit YouTube series “My Drunk Kitchen,” was also the one who ultimately proposed to Mielniczenko after the couple had been dating for a while. It was a conversation that ended in a negotiation because, as Hart puts it, “we’re both very much in-it-to-win-it personalities.”

They decided that they would aim to get engaged in 2018, and then the conversation turned to who would be the one to propose.

“I was like, ‘OK, but I have to be the one to do it, because you said ‘I love you’ first, you kissed me first, you wanted to be official an monogamous first,” Hart says. “And for me, I was like, ‘You have to give me one thing that’s the first, so I wanted to ask her.’ … We’re both controlling, so it was a conversation that needed to be had.”

The pair got engaged in Hawaii following a trip to Japan (during which Hart assured Mielniczenko that she was not going to propose), and are now in the beginning phases of planning their wedding, which Hart calls “a big deal.”

“I would say that the biggest issue we’ve honestly had is the guest list,” she says. “So we’re on step one, the guest list.” Adds Mielniczenko: “We have lots of vision for what we want.”

Among their non-negotiables? Good food, good music, and an open bar, with hopes of holding the ceremony itself somewhere on cliffs facing the ocean, the Redwood forest behind them. Even if the exact details don’t work out, however, the couple aren’t too worried.

“It’s honestly like this: everyone we know works really hard and everyone we know is self-made, and we want the wedding to be a chance for the people who have lifted us up to this point in our lives and the people who have been around us who work as hard as we do to just have a great weekend,” Hart says. “We’re getting married, we love ya lots. Let’s have a nice time.”

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