Boyfriend Creates Best Harry Potter Proposal with Custom Golden Snitch Ring Box: Photos!

Harry Potter Golden Snitch ring box proposalDerrick Walker proposed to boyfriend Garrett Galvan with a custom Golden Snitch ring box in front of Hogwarts Castle at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida on March 1. Credit: Courtesy Derrick Walker

Derrick Walker and Garrett Galvan made magic when their Harry Potter proposal in front of Hogwarts at Universal Studios Orlando recently went viral in early March. Taking a moment to chat with The Knot, Walker shares his Harry Potter proposal story including details about his custom golden snitch ring box and shows off tons of pictures too!

It was March 1st when Walker and Galvan rode the Hogwarts Express into Universal Studios Orlando’s incredible Harry Potter theme park, a trip Walker had been planning since the summer of 2015. “Garrett and I are both huge Harry Potter fans, so I always pictured proposing in a unique way related to Harry Potter,” Walker told The Knot.

After finally getting his wish and getting his family on board to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter together, Walker began, “planning how to make my dream become a reality.”

“First I had to track down a golden snitch to hold the ring like the books,” Walker told The Knot. Joking that it was a very important stone that was enclosed in the snitch in the series by J. K. Rowling, the Potter fan said the diamond engagement ring was “close enough.” After he turned up empty handed on his original search, saying the current golden snitches looked too unrealistic or cheap, in true Harry Potter fashion his friend Emily – or should we say Hermione – came to the rescue.

“With the help of my friend Emily, we tracked down a guy who wrote the coding to have a golden snitch 3D-printed in brass from Shapeways,” Walker shared with The Knot. “The snitch was shipped in two parts and had details like engravings and lines just like the actual snitch, along with the saying, ‘I open at the close.’”

Harry Potter Golden Snitch ring box proposal

Derrick Walker got down on one knee to propose to boyfriend Garrett Galvan at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Credit: Courtesy Derrick Walker

“I found out about a bridge in the park that had the Hogwarts castle in the background,” Walker told The Knot, calling the location “the perfect backdrop to propose in front of.” After hopping on the Hogwarts Express from one park to the other, the couple and their family headed straight for the bridge in front of Hogwarts and Walker got down on one knee!

“I had a small speech roughly prepared but when it came to the moment I was so nervous all I could say was ‘Will you marry me?’” Walker shared with The Knot. “Garrett picks on me now for not giving a small speech, but he was taken so off guard all he could say was ‘Is this real? Is this really happening?’”

The two Potterheads were both so nervous and thrilled with the Harry Potter proposal that it didn’t quite go according to plan, but Walker finally got his answer saying, “I did not get an official yes out of him until after we kissed and asked him if that meant yes.” Luckily, the kiss did mean yes!

Harry Potter Snitch Proposal
Harry Potter Engagement
Harry Potter Proposal
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Proposal
Derrick Walker Engagement Harry Potter
Derrick Walker Harry Potter Proposal Snitch


Walker presented his fiance with a 14-karat gold engagement ring with diamonds in a half circle laid inside the center of the band, he shared with The Knot. Aside from selecting a ring that Galvan adored, the two picked one with a similar band to a design Walker liked so the couple would “somewhat match” their jewelry in the future.

The two had first met in the summer of 2011 when he was on break from school in his hometown, where Galvan was attending college, Walker explained. The couple were introduced by mutual friends and by the end of the summer, as with Harry’s lightning bolt scar, their fate was sealed.

Walker told The Knot that Galvan was definitely “the one,” proving this by quitting his job and moving with Walker when graduate school brought him to another state. Walker also said of his fiance, “He pushes me to do things I would not normally have done without him. When I am with him I feel like I am a better person,” adding, “He is the person who can make me laugh.”

Wizarding World Harry Potter Proposal
Golden Snitch Harry Potter Ring Box
Harry Potter Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Box
Harry Potter T Shirt
Wizarding World Harry Potter Proposal
Wizarding World Harry Potter Pink Dress


As of right now the couple have just started on their wedding plans but have been busy with work and graduate school. Walker and Galvan did reveal to The Knot that they will “most likely incorporate something of Harry Potter into our wedding, even if it is something small,” since the theme was so prevalent in their viral Harry Potter engagement. “We have talked about doing small things related to Harry Potter like funny engagement photos or invitations,” Walker said.

Whatever they decide, we hope their wedding is as full of magic and wonderful memories, just like their viral Harry Potter proposal in front of Hogwarts!

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