Holland Roden Hosts Bridal Shower for BFF Mahaley Patel’s Indian Wedding

Holland Roden and Mahaley Patel Bridal ShowerHolland Roden and Mahaley Patel with their mothers at Mahaley's bridal shower on February 14. Credit: Sherri J Photography

Let the wedding celebration continue! Actress Mahaley Patel married Ravi Patel in an intimate ceremony back in November. Now the couple is preparing to wed again in a larger Indian ceremony in May. But before round two of saying “I do,” the new bride was recently treated to a wedding shower by her maid-of-honor and longtime BFF Holland Roden. The Knot caught up with the new Mrs. Patel, who is sharing every memorable moment.

“Holland chose the most beautiful location in Topanga Canyon, and the shower was on Valentine’s Day,” says the California bride. “The property is completely secluded, with a small studio on the grounds, which is described as a ‘nature retreat.’ It is surrounded by flowers, trees, and a waterfall. It gave the bridal shower a very simple and rustic, yet elegant feel.”

Holland Roden and Mahaley Patel Bridal Shower

Holland Roden made sure to include their dogs in Mahaley Patel’s bridal shower. Credit: Sherri J Photography

Although Patel, who played Kara in the 2015 film, The Duff, has a lot in common with her actress BFF, their friendship began over a decade ago and has grown ever since. “We have been best friends since we were sixteen,” Patel says of the Teen Wolf actress. “Needless to say, it has been incredible to have her in my life for all of these years, and having her by my side during this entire process has been wonderful. She worked so hard on the bridal shower, and I am continuously overwhelmed by her generosity.”

Holland Roden and Mahaley Patel Bridal Shower

Holland Roden had a type-writer poet at Mahaley’s bridal shower to write poems for guests. Credit: Sherri J Photography

Roden kept the specifics of the Valentine’s Day bridal shower a secret from Patel. “The actual shower was not a surprise, but every detail was a surprise,” the Easy A actress shares. “I suggested to her to get some sandwiches and juices and call it a day. And, of course, the perfectionist that she is, she threw a picture-perfect shower. Every detail was thought through, and you could tell she thought of me with every decision she made. From the flowers, to the typewriter poet, to the fact that our dogs were included, it was just perfect.”

Holland Roden and Mahaley Patel Bridal Shower

Mahaley Patel’s bridal shower (described as nature chic by Holland Roden) was located at Topanga Canyon in California. Credit: Sherri J Photography

So, did Roden, 29, choose the perfect theme for her best friend’s special day? “Holland said she would describe it as ‘nature chic,'” Patel explains. “The shower almost looked like a garden tea party, reminiscent of our childhood tea parties. Holland chose beautiful flowers and clean colors, all to highlight the nature surrounding us. I’m pretty simple, and I love being outdoors. I’m also a health nut, so we had delicious food from Lyfe Kitchen and fresh pressed juices from Juice Served Here.”

Holland Roden and Mahaley Patel Bridal Shower

Around twenty close family and friends attended Mahaley Patel’s bridal shower at Topanga Canyon. Credit: Sherri J Photography

The “nature chic” party was kept small to about twenty close friends and family members. “I’m a bit of an introvert, so twenty is actually a huge accomplishment for me!” Patel admits.

When asked what the most memorable part of the day was, Patel replied, “There’s a few! Both my mother and Holland’s mother, who is my ‘second mother,’ flew in just to come to the shower. I was so touched, and it was so special to have them both there. They really are quite the duo together.”

“Any time your loved ones take time out of their busy schedules to celebrate you and something exciting that’s happening in your life, is honestly a memorable moment,” Patel tells The Knot. “It sounds very cliche, but I don’t mean it to be. I feel like I am finally to the age where I have a very small group of friends, but the friends I do have are so loving and supportive and kind. Any time that we are all together, it’s incredibly memorable.”

Holland Roden and Mahaley Patel Bridal Shower

The bridal shower featured Juice Served Here’s fresh pressed juices, delicious food from Lyfe Kitchen and a Cappuccino Man coffee bar. Credit: Sherri J Photography

“Seeing the detail that Holland put into the day was another memorable part of the day,” she continues. “She had fresh pressed juices, delicious food, a coffee bar, a type-writer poet and plenty of games. She thought of everything, and then some.”

“Lastly, Holland made sure to incorporate our dogs into every aspect of the day,” Patel recalls. “I know that sounds silly, but our dogs are the loves of our life! The photographer, Sherri, did a wonderful job snapping some great photos of them, and they got to explore the property and participate in all of the fun. I sound like a crazy person – this is an interview about a bridal shower and I’m talking about my dogs….”

And will this dog-loving bride be continuing the pre-wedding festivities with a bachelorette party? “Yes, well, sort of,” she tells us. “A small group of girls are going up to Solvang, California to do some wine-tasting and relaxing. In case you cannot tell from this interview, I’m 80 years old at heart, so we will most likely take two sips of wine and be in bed by nine, so I hesitate to formally call it a bachelorette party.”

Holland Roden and Mahaley Patel Bridal Shower

Mahaley Patel and Holland Roden (with her mother) play with their dogs at the bridal shower. Credit: Sherri J Photography

The Patels also already seem to be an “old married couple” – in the best way possible! The two met began dating back in March 2014 and have been inseparable ever since.

“We met at a food trade show (Expo West) in Anaheim, California,” she recalls. “Ravi has a granola bar company called This Bar Saves Lives (for every bar you buy, they feed a child), and he was there for the company. I went with one of my dear friends, Bailey (we were writing a blog at the time and went to cover the expo), who had actually contacted TBSL about doing a story on them.”

Ravi Patel and Mahaley Patel engagement photos

Ravi and Mahaley met at a food expo and began dating in March 2014. Credit: Valorie Darling Photography

“We went up to their booth, and Ravi and I began chatting and nervously flirting,” Patel continues. “Actually, I think I was the only one who was nervous. I had never really had that instantaneous chemistry before, with anyone, and it really threw me for a loop! We went on our first date the next day, and the rest is history. I’ve had a smile on my face ever since then.”

Ravi, who stars on Grandfathered and co-directed the documentary Meet the Patels, planned a very romantic proposal – and elaborate! – to ask Mahaley to marry him.

“We got engaged in March of 2015, a year from the day we met,” Patel shares. “It came as an absolute shock, and the entire day was so memorable and special. Basically, Ravi re-created our first date. Our first date began with a ride on Ravi’s tandem bike, with an impromptu psychic reading/couples counseling session. We had this running joke about how we already needed couples therapy, and we love anything surrounding improv, and so Ravi thought it was really fitting for us to go sit down with a psychic.”

Ravi Patel and Mahaley Patel engagement photos

The happy couple had a small wedding ceremony back in November and plan on having a big Indian wedding this May. Credit: Valorie Darling Photography

“We pretended we had been together for six years, had all these problems, and a full hour of hilarity ensued,” she tells The Knot. “Then, he took me to a wonderful restaurant, that is still my favorite restaurant in LA to date, and we talked for several hours. I had told Ravi that I regularly volunteered, so, when we had a bunch of leftovers, he suggested we ride around on the tandem bike and give them to some people in need. After that, we took our dog for a walk on the canals in Venice, and it was absolutely beautiful. I had never seen the canals, or explored much of Venice, so it was incredibly special.”

“So, for our one-year anniversary, which came to be the day we got engaged, Ravi suggested we recreate our first date,” Patel explains. “A few changes that were made one year later: A new tandem bike (the one that we had was stolen, and Ravi found the same color and model to replace it). Seven letters that we wrote describing our favorite moments of the year/qualities about the other person that we loved. We gave these to each other throughout the night, and letter #7 was a note that led to Ravi proposing.”

Ravi Patel and Mahaley Patel engagement

Ravi proposed to Mahaley on their one-year anniversary with their friends watching on a bridge over a canal. Credit: courtesy of Mahaley Patel

“A bridge on the canals decorated with over 100 pictures hanging on twine that had been taken over the last year,” Patel continues. “A new psychic, and a new story, a proposal, [and] our closest friends waiting to congratulate us.” It sounds absolutely perfect!

And now the beautiful bride gets to marry her sweetheart twice! “We are doing two weddings,” she shares. “We had a very small ceremony, about thirty people, in Palm Desert back in November. Then, in May, we are having a big Indian wedding in Ravi’s hometown. We really got the best of both worlds, in terms of having a ceremony that was intimate and that we were able to create ourselves, and also having a large wedding where we can celebrate with everyone.”

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