This New Wedding Show ‘I Do To The Venue’ Is the ‘House Hunters’ of Event Spaces

champagne pongThe 'I Do To The Venue' couple plays a round of champagne pong. (Credit: Mallory Bleiler of The Wise Image, LLC)

Call your Ubers and go. There’s a new wedding show in town and you’ll want to say “yes” and “I do” …to the venue. Premiering Thursday, July 18, FYI’s I Do To The Venue is exactly what you’d imagine from its title: one chosen couple will explore some of the most outrageous, on-theme, (and hopefully on-budget) venues for their upcoming wedding—only to have to make the ultimate decision themselves.

According to The Knot 2018 Real Weddings Study, the average cost of the reception venue is $15,439, accounting for nearly half the average cost of a wedding. Naturally, to-be-weds face a flurry of options while wedding planning, and narrowing down the venue is one of the biggest decisions they will make in the process.

Lucky for the couple featured in the premiere episode, The Knot Executive Editor Lauren Kay takes them to famed venues like Dobbin St in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Russo’s on the Bay in Queens, New York, as well as the particularly elegant Crystal Plaza in New Jersey too.

Together, the couple Trey and Maria will go through the planning process (struggles included), by securing their wedding style first with The Knot and then by going through the process of adding items to their Bloomingdale’s Registry. It’s at the store where viewers will see stylistic differences between the couple–and some of the challenges there. (Case in point: Maria prefers for their wedding to be traditional and elegant in style, while Trey wants it to be urban.)

The best part about tuning in? I Do To The Venue is like House Hunters… but for wedding venues. In partnership with Spirits Network too, the show will document one of the biggest hurdles during the planning process and its ultimate result.

Watch the full pilot above and tune in to I Do To the Venue on FYI.