‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Bonus Sketch with Jemima Kirk Mocks Engagement Photos

Amy Schumer posing for engagement photosAmy Schumer makes fun of Facebook engagement photos in a deleted scene from Inside Amy Schumer.

In anticipation of the season 3 DVD release of comedian Amy Schumer’s Inside Amy Schumer sketch show, Comedy Central released a previously unseen clip in which the titular funny woman mocks engagement photo shoots.

The short satirical clip features HBO’s Girls star Jemima Kirk as a busy engagement and wedding photographer Tiffany. Tiffany is “booked for months” with fiance photo shoots making only a little time to photograph Schumer’s character and her faux future-hubby.

After reiterating to Schumer’s fiance how popular the sessions are, Kirke’s photographer character explains why these snapshots are a growing trend in the wedding industry.

“You know, engagement shoots are the single best way to rub your happiness in the fat townie face of every person you went to grade school with,” to which Schumer agrees wholeheartedly.

The shoot starts with Kirk scooting the couple closer to a wall covered in fake leaves with a tree trunk in the center. Poking fun at some of the traditional engagement photo locales, Kirke’s character pushes the couple closer to the display saying, “because, you know, when people are engaged they hang out under trees.”

The sketch continues with signature couple’s poses and expert tips from the Girls star. Kirke’s character even gets visibly upset when Schumer tries to smile at the camera and not at her husband. “Tiffany” encourages Schumer to prove she is SO in love by looking only at her fiance, calling her gaze at the camera a “rookie move.”

The Season 3 DVD of Inside Amy Schumer sketch comedy show which combines stand-up, street interviews, and a variety of honored guests is available today, November 24, and includes this sketch along with other bonus material.

Warning: In true Schumer fashion, language in this uncensored sketch is NSFW.

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