James Franco is Jon Snow, Wedding Planner, in Game of Thrones Parody

James Franco stars as Jon Snow in AOL's Game of Thrones parody.James Franco plays wedding planner Jon Snow in AOL's Game of Thrones parody, Modern Thrones. Credit: AOL

Jon Snow is alive!  Alive and fabulously played by James Franco in the next episode of AOL’s “Making a Scene with James Franco” web miniseries.  According to a teaser from the miniseries’ second season, Franco’s definitely-not-dead Snow has since retired from his post as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch to take up the new profession of wedding planning.

“I retired from the Night’s Watch.  I forsook my vows and have decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a wedding planner,” he says as the Game of Thrones character, Snow.  “I will plan the most spectacular weddings in the realm.”

The AOL parody, “Modern Thrones,” is shot as a mockumentary-style sitcom in line with Modern Family and The Office and features Snow sitting on the Iron Throne explaining his decision to find a career in the wedding industry.  He passionately describes the details of an upcoming wedding of Tyrion Lannister to nephew Joffrey Lannister – a direct poke at the Lannister clan’s incestuous history.

As the scene switches we see Snow discussing the wedding ceremony with his employees warning the crew, “I just want it to go well, alright?  I don’t want any fighting, no raping.”

Despite his best efforts to create a beautiful wedding in Westeros, he says “I knew that I was in for trouble.”  The clip ends with Snow eyeing a neverending line of unruly wedding guests – all Game of Thrones regulars – including dragons, Dothraki warriors, and even a White Walker.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Franco recalled, “There was a ton of fake blood that we were literally just throwing around with buckets.”  We can only imagine how quickly Snow’s dreams of the planning the “first gay wedding in Westeros” turns into a tribute to the show’s infamous and murderous Red Wedding.

Franco, star of 2008’s Pineapple Express and 2013’s This Is The End, starred in the first season of the miniseries which focused on movie mash-ups last year.  New episodes of Making a Scene with James Franco are made available every Wednesday at 12am EST on AOL.

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