Jesse Tyler Ferguson Tells Us How His Love Marches On With Husband Justin Mikita

‘Modern Family’ actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells The Knot how his #LoveMarchesOn with husband Justin Mikita during Pride Month. (Photo courtesy of The Tie Bar)

Nearly four years have passed since Modern Family standout Jesse Tyler Ferguson married his partner, Justin Mikita, in a 200-person New York City wedding. Since then, the power spouses have passionately advocated for LGBTQ rights, most recently launching a stylish partnership with The Tie Bar to benefit their marriage equality-focused nonprofit Tie The Knot.

With his focus on freedom and what that means in today’s political landscape, Ferguson revealed how exactly his Love Marches On two years after the Supreme Court ruling to legalize same-sex marriage. Here’s what he tells The Knot below.

The Knot is celebrating the two-year anniversary of the SCOTUS ruling with a Pride Month initiative called #LoveMarchesOn. How does your Love March On?

Justin and I march on by being a visible couple who celebrate our marriage while trying to empower people who still feel suppressed. Law can change overnight, but stigma can last forever.

What does the second year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage mean to you? How has this made a positive impact on your life?

It’s nice to remember the good work that was done to achieve nationwide marriage equality. Sometimes I get so focused on the work that still needs to be done that I forget how far we have come and how much hard work went in to make same-sex marriage a reality.

I love being able to introduce Justin as my husband. It’s a word everyone knows the meaning of. It means the world to me to be married to the person I love. There’s not a day that I don’t wake up and acknowledge how lucky I am to not only be married but to be married to someone who means so much to me.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Love Marches On

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita co-founded Tie The Knot. Here’s what they tell The Knot about how their #LoveMarchesOn. (Photo courtesy of The Tie Bar)

Where are we in terms of political progress today? What does our world need more of or what words of wisdom would you like to share from a real love perspective?

We still have a lot of work to do to protect our rights in the LGBTQ community. There are still people in places of great power who would like to undo the work we have done. Remaining activated and impassioned is extremely important. I think we can always use more compassion. Stepping back and trying to look at someone else’s perspective can be highly informative. You may not always agree with it but it can sometimes help build a bridge to common ground.

To celebrate #PrideMonth, we want to hear how your Love Marches On. Share your story using #lovemarcheson.

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