Jessica Biel Tells Us Her Best Bridesmaid and Bachelorette Party Tips

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Like you, Jessica Biel is gearing up for wedding season—this time, however, as a bridesmaid. The actress recently attended a bachelorette party in Las Vegas ahead of her brother’s wedding, and the 7th Heaven alum shares her best planning tips exclusively with The Knot.

“Hydrate,” she advises. “Don’t drink for a long time before. I feel like that’s where I always end up. You’re drinking so much wine and you always end up trying to recover from it.”

When it comes to the group dynamics, Biel suggests containing it to eight or less people. “I think it’s good to keep it small,” she adds. “When you have these big bachelorette parties or really big weddings, it’s really hard to manage everything. There’s a lot of personalities and a lot of opinions. When you keep it to a small group, I think it’s a little bit easier. And it’s more intimate… Once you get over that, and you have 20 people, I don’t know how you spend time with anybody.”

Most recently, Biel flew to Sin City to celebrate the bachelorette weekend of her future sister-in-law Rose Muniz (who’s engaged to Justin Biel). “I haven’t been on that many bachelorettes, actually, [but] I really had a good time at mine,” she says. “I really had fun at the Vegas one, because we did everything that Vegas has to offer… and then we got out of there.”

The itinerary consisted of the following: “We saw a show, we had a great dinner, we went on a hike, and we went to the spa,” says Biel, who was hosting an event for the American Express Experience. “We gambled a little bit and then we went out dancing. We hit all the boxes [and] checked that all off. It was fun.”

The actress confirms she is a bridesmaid in her brother’s upcoming nuptials, and she thankfully knows what expectations accompany the role. “I really do believe that it is the bride’s day,” Biel tells The Knot of bridesmaid duties. “You have got to get ready early. If you’re doing your own hair and makeup, get it done. Get dressed, and be there ready to go.”

If not, the day tends to spiral. “Otherwise, you’re spending hours and hours [getting ready], and the bride usually needs the most help in the last few hours before the wedding,” Biel continues. “Get it done early, have your dress ready… make her happy.”

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Jessica Biel (Credit: American Express)

Biel, of course, knows from personal experience from her own wedding to Justin Timberlake in 2012. Now, as the co-owner of Au Fudge, she has a few suggestions for planning bridal showers.

“What I like is great food. I like great wine or a signature cocktail,” she says. “I’m not so much about [games] necessarily—maybe that’s a baby shower thing,” says the mom of little Silas. “Other than that, I think bridal showers should be all about lingerie. I just do.”

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