New Girl’s Jake Johnson and the ‘Tag’ Cast Crashed a Wedding: Watch the Reactions

tag cast(Credit: Warner Bros.)

Add these four to the list of celebrity wedding crashers. An all-star crew consisting of Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms, and Jake Johnson took one couple (and their family and friends) by surprise this past weekend when their game of “tag” brought them right smack into the middle of the wedding reception.

In a video posted to the Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube page, Renner, best known for his role as Hawkeye in the Avenger series, makes his way into the ballroom, standing on the sidelines of the dance floor as the best man is making his speech. Guests begin to recognize the familiar face and Renner then leans fully into the situation, grabbing the mic to explain to attendees that he and his Tag costars were in the middle of a game of, well, tag.

At that point, Hamm, Helms, and Johnson walked into the ballroom as well, to the excited shrieks and gasps of the gathered wedding attendees.

“We were having some dinner there and thought it might be fun to go say hi to our neighbors who were having a wedding,” Hamm later told 7 News Miami.

The newlyweds got up to greet their unexpected wedding guests, exchange hugs and smiles, and posed with the costars at the photo booth (Hamm, of Mad Men fame, Helms, of The Office notoriety, and Johnson, best known for his leading role on New Girl, all smiled for photos with other wedding guests as well).

“That wedding we crashed while doing press for #TagMovie in Miami,” Johnson captioned the photo booth image in a post to Instagram. “It was a beautiful wedding. Thank you for the drinks & hospitality.”

Tag is based on a real-life group of friends who played a game of tag continuously for 30 years, and also stars Isla Fisher, Annabelle Wallis and Hannibal Buress. The storyline revolves around the friends’ attempt to tag Renner’s character during his own wedding, since he’s the only one who’s never been tagged.