Joy-Anna Duggar’s Older Sisters Offer Marriage Advice: “Enjoy Being a Couple”

Joy-Anna Duggar Austin Forsyth wedding adviceJoy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth married over Memorial Day weekend. (Courtesy: TLC)

Newlyweds Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are ready to navigate their way through marriage thanks to the wise words of the bride’s big sisters.

Duggar, 19, and Forsyth—who wed on Friday, May 26, after only three months of dating—first received advice from Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald, who married their respective spouses in 2014. “My advice to her for marriage was just to enjoy being a couple,” Jessa, 24, told People on Friday at the wedding. “I know that they’re super excited to be getting married and it’s going to be amazing. They’re perfect for each other.”

Jill, 26, chimed in with some decorating notes: “They’re working on a house, so I told them [to] get curtains,” she mused.

Joy-Anna’s big sisters admitted that they were surprised that Joy-Anna ended up with Forsyth, who was a family friend before the courtship began. “He’s the best,” Jessa said. “I think two years ago we wouldn’t have guessed this would be a thing. We’ve known Austin forever and we didn’t see that happening,”

“Sometimes that’s a crazy thing, because then you know all about him since he was a kid,” Jill noted. “Austin is great. We love him.”

Jana Duggar and Jinger Duggar Vuolo joined Jill and Jessa to reminisce and offer up some marital guidance. “So excited for you!” Jana, 27, gushed during a separate interview with TLC. “It’s crazy this day is here, but we’re excited that, Joy, you’re getting a good guy.”

Jill congratulated the newlyweds and encouraged Forsyth to be an empathetic husband.“Enjoy being married. Enjoy just each other’s company. When you don’t understand why she’s crying, that’s okay. Just rub her back or something.”

Jessa acknowledged that the family dynamic may change now that Joy-Anna is married. “But I know that Austin’s a great guy. I know that he’s very tender, very caring, loving guy,” she noted.

Jessa shared some honeymoon advice: “Just spend that time together; I know it’s gonna be exciting,” she concluded. “[You’re] getting to travel together, make memories together. Take lots of pictures and document your travels. This is the beginning of your life together.”

Three of the Duggar sisters have first-hand experience when it comes to marriage. Jill has been married to Derick Dillard since June 2014, and Jessa married Ben Seewald in November that same year. Jinger, 23, wed Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016.

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