Justin Theroux Shares Details of G-Rated Bachelor Party, Jennifer Aniston Dislikes

Justin Theroux on Jimmy Kimmel LiveJustin Theroux shared details of his G-rated bachelor party on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC

Justin Theroux and wife Jennifer Aniston have done an amazing job of keeping quiet about their relationship and August 5 wedding. Theroux is finally dishing about his bachelor party, but the get-together, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, may not be at all what you think!

Theroux, 44, star of the HBO series, The Leftovers, recently visited Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where Kimmel proudly announced he has kept mum about Theroux’s wedding to Aniston, 46. Kimmel, who officiated the “secret backyard ceremony,” according to People, explained that the happy couple wanted to keep things “very private.”

But Theroux isn’t keeping the same level of secrecy. He recently announced on Good Morning America that Kimmel cried at the wedding. When the late night host called his buddy out on it, Theroux laughed and shouted, “It’s true,” which Kimmel couldn’t deny.

The longtime friends then discussed Theroux’s bachelor party, which Kimmel had to “bully” him into having. “I was going to have it with or without you,” Kimmel admitted. It turns out that Theroux wanted a low-key night with “some beers and some really good food,” so Kimmel hosted the event at his house. When Theroux arrived for the party, Kimmel’s wife, Molly, answered the door with their baby in her arms. “My wife and baby were at your bachelor party!” Kimmel laughed.

The guys kept the festivities extra-quiet while Kimmel’s baby slept upstairs, and apparently not all of guests were ready to party either. Kimmel laughed that actor Billy Crudup, 47, fell asleep on the couch. Such party animals!

Theroux admitted on the show that married life is taking some getting used to, stating that some things just don’t “jive with Jen’s style.” One example? His dental decorations. “I used to collect odd medical curio, like you know, dental instruments or teeth,” he admitted. Those things are most-likely in storage somewhere. Aniston is willing to give a little though; she did allow a dental mannequin in the house. Could this be a sign that the compromising couple is in it for the long haul? We hope so, but getting additional information out of them may be like pulling teeth…


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