Kate Winslet Likens On-Screen Romance With Idris Elba to Her Real-Life Marriage to Ned RocknRoll

idris elba kate winslet movieIdris Elba and Kate Winslet star in Twentieth Century Fox's 'The Mountain Between Us.' (Photo Credit: Kimberley French / 2017 Twentieth Century)

Kate Winslet is no stranger to falling in love onscreen amid adverse conditions: her starring role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in 1998’s Titanic may just be the epitome of a romantic disaster flick. Her upcoming film, opposite Luther’s Idris Elba, will also test both characters’ physical limits in a tale of survival atop a frozen mountain.

“One thing that I always loved about the story is that they go through this experience thinking that they’re one person and come out of it someone else entirely,” Winslet said during a press panel for the pair’s film, The Mountain Between Us. “They can never quite go back to what life once was. I think that’s a perfectly possible thing that can happen to people. I’ve seen it happen. I mean, when I met my husband, Ned, I felt that’s what happened to me, to be honest. I just knew it wasn’t going to be the way it had been before. It was something else now.”

Kate Winslet Ned Rocknroll marriage Idris Elba

Kate Winslet spoke out about her marriage to Ned Rocknroll while discussing her upcoming movie with Idris Elba during a panel. (Photo by Alessio Botticelli/GC Images)

Winslet first met her now-husband, Ned Rocknroll, under a similarly intense situation. In 2011, the actress was vacationing at Virgin Group founder Richard Branson’s Caribbean home on Necker Island when a huge fire broke out. Rocknroll was also on the island, and the two found consolation in each other. Just under a year and a half later, the two were wed.

Winslet married Rocknroll in a top secret wedding ceremony in December 2012. Her longtime BFF DiCaprio walked her down the aisle, according to Us Weekly, in a ceremony that included her two children and a handful of family and close friends.

Of her character’s relationship with Elba’s onscreen, Winslet added that the danger of their situation helped them both be more vulnerable—and eventually fall in love.

idris elba kate winslet

Idris Elba and Kate Winslet star in Twentieth Century Fox’s ‘The Mountain Between Us.’ (Photo Credit: Kimberley French / 2017 Twentieth Century)

“There are moments of extreme tension in the early part of the film,” she said. “It feels really far away—the idea that this couple might actually fall in love because there’s so much stuff around them, emotional stuff that they both have. They’ve both got baggage. They’ve both got their situations back home. Somehow they break each other down, emotionally, in a way. It’s almost as though they become their true selves with each other in ways that they’ve perhaps never been before.”

Sounds like someone’s speaking from real-life experience!