Kellie Pickler Opens Up About Her Marriage & That ‘Family Feud’ Moment: “They Need to Make the Buzzer Bigger”

Kellie Pickler Kyle CMTKellie Pickler and her husband Kyle have more adventures ahead on season 2 of I Love Kellie Pickler. (Photo credit: CMT)

It made her all the more flub-able! Country singer Kellie Pickler says she was mortified by her Family Feud flub that recently went viral — and it’s because it wasn’t the first time it happened.

In an exclusive new interview with The Knot, the I Love Kellie Pickler star opens up about the hilarious buzzer fail and shares sweet new details about her marriage with husband Kyle Jacobs. “We’ve had such a blast with our friends this year,” the American Idol alum tells The Knot. “We get to mark a few things off our bucket list. … We go skydiving. We pushed ourselves past our fears. We did a fun trip to Japan. We’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo and explore … We did a trip out to L.A. for Family Feud. My sister is going to be on the next season, which is fun.”

Pickler, 30, made headlines in June when she missed the buzzer while facing Lance Bass on Steve Harvey’s show.

“Oh my gosh, I was so embarrassed,” she tells The Knot. “What people don’t know is that I missed the buzzer in the dress rehearsal too! We did like a rehearsal just to show everyone where we would be standing, and I missed the buzzer in the rehearsal. My one chance to redeem myself. My one shot — I missed the damn buzzer again. They need to make that buzzer bigger!”

Then, there was Harvey’s amazing reaction. “He is like one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I think he’s so wonderful,” she continues. “He’s so funny and he just has this way. I love his banter and how he picks and jokes with the contestants.”

For those who missed the moment, Pickler’s Family Feud appearance was captured by CMT cameras. “People will see me miss the button in the rehearsal scene,” she teases.

The reality personality also previews new cast additions to the upcoming season. “Kyle’s parents just moved here from Minnesota. They were able to be part of this year’s season,” she says. “They’re so great. They love Nashville.”

Pickler and her husband are lucky to be surrounded by a solid network of friends and family. “We take pride in the company we keep,” she muses. “We have amazing friends in our lives. We take pride in that small community of people who are so close to us and we pull strength from them and they pull strength from us. We have trusting people in our lives that we can do that with.”

Most of all, they have each other. “Kyle is a sanctuary for me,” Pickler tells The Knot. “He is my best friend, so I trust him completely… I’m so blessed to be able to experience this life with my best friend. My life partner. He’s my adventure-travel buddy and just my treasure. I’m so blessed to have somebody to share this life with.”

Kellie PIckler Kyle show

(Photo courtesy of CMT)

“He makes me laugh! We laugh so much,” she continues. “He makes me feel so good about myself. He is just so wonderful. And there’s not a doubt in my mind — when someone makes you feel special — you love them that much in return. It’s such a wonderful comfort and feeling.”

When it comes to the new season of her series, the “Best Days of Your Life” hitmaker has one request from fans. “Laugh at us! Laugh with us! We’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year holds,” she shares. “We’ll just keep our fingers crossed that there will be a season 3 on the horizon!”

Tune in to the season 2 premiere of I Love Kellie Pickler on Thursday, August 25, at 10 p.m. ET on CMT.

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