Kevin Hart Jokes He’s Fully Invested in Wedding Planning: “I’m Worse” Than My Fiancee

Kevin Hart Eniko Parrish Wedding(ABC/Ida Mae Astute)

He’s kind of a groomzilla! Comedian Kevin Hart appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, June 14, and opened up about planning his upcoming wedding to Eniko Parrish, including how he hand-selected the napkins for their reception.

“We’re about to get married,” the Central Intelligence actor, 36, boasted to Jimmy Kimmel. Hart and Parrish got engaged in August 2014, after five years of dating. “You draw it out as long as you can,” Hart cracked on Tuesday of his prolonged engagement.

Hart then went on to talk about the planning process, and how he slowly chimed in on decisions. “I made a very strong point saying, ‘Do not involve me with any of it. I just want to make you happy. I want to pay for it! But I don’t want the questions stuff. I don’t want to go back and forth,’” the comic recalled. “I wound up getting involved and now, I’m worse than her! Once you’re in, you’re in!”

His demands have ranged from the types of flowers used during the ceremony to the dressing served during dinner. Most importantly, Hart made a point that he hand-selected the linens at each table.

“After spending the money that I spent? It’s a good napkin,” Hart said of his choice. “It’s like a… really good cloth. It’s an expensive cloth. If I see people wiping mouths and not appreciating, it’s really gonna piss me off. I’m making eye contact [and say], ‘You see why I picked that, don’t you?’”

The total number of guests will range from 175 to 200. “We don’t want it to be too crazy,” the groom noted. “But it’s all her people! My people didn’t know I was getting married until I said it on this show! I’m gonna have to explain this in the morning! … It’s her family. It’s for her.”

However, two very special members of Hart’s immediate family will partake in the wedding ceremony. “My son is my best man,” Hart said of little Hendrix. “My son is 8 years old … I wanted to include my son and my daughter because those are the closest people to me.”

He also has one specific demand for the wedding day. “I want the ceremony to be tops 7 minutes,” Hart concluded.

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