Kristen Bell Had Some Very Real Marriage Advice in Her Valentine’s Day Note to a Random Groom

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Everyone should solicit marriage advice from Kristen Bell. Like many of her celebrity peers, the actress took to Instagram on February 14, to post a sweet message about love on Valentine’s Day.

However, Bell’s update was slightly different in that she had some very important advice for one to-be-wed based on her own personal experiences. “I received a letter from a nice man who asked if I could write a note to his friends who are getting married,” she expressed. “I wrote something congratulatory but then thought ‘Kristen! Wait! You are an old married woman, shouldn’t you have some wisdom to share?!’”

She also paid a sweet nod to her husband, Dax Shepard, and his role in shaping their marriage. “After I was finished I realized what I wrote is pretty much the A-Z of how @daxshepard and I keep our relationship healthy,” Bell added. “Its worked for us so far, So here ya go.”

Her advice is listed below:

—Vulnerability always begets connections and intimacy. Stay vulnerable with each other.

—In 10 years, when the dopamine has waned, remember: life is a crazy ride. It’s a privilege to go through it with a partner.

—Take necessary separateness. It will make your marriage better.

—Loving someone despite their faults, failings or character defects is the most powerful, loving thing you can do.

—Rejoice in what makes the other person happy and allow them their individual interests.

—Know that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got, so get a bigger emotional tool box to fix your problems.

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