Lauren Scruggs Says Husband Jason Kennedy Will Help Her Get Dressed Due to Her Prosthesis

Lauren Scruggs Jason Kennedy marriageLauren Scruggs, who lost part of her left arm in a 2012 propeller accident, married Jason Kennedy in 2014. (Credit:

Lauren Scruggs didn’t want anyone to smother her with attention following the 2012 helicopter propeller accident that resulted in severe injuries, including the loss of her left arm and eye.

“Before I met [my husband] Jason, I said I kind of want to date someone who didn’t go through the accident with me because I don’t want to be fully defined by that,” she recently told People at the Runway of Dreams Foundation Gala. “And I also don’t want to be babied ever. There’s a line between awareness and being babied. I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like Jason was so aware when we were dating, like if we were going hiking he would kind of loosen the top of my water bottle.”

According to the former model and author of Still Lolo, that same thoughtfulness from Jason Kennedy spills over to marriage—even at the most unexpected moments. “There are these jeans, they’re high-waisted with five buttons. They were newer, so they weren’t broken in yet, and I’m like in the public bathroom like, ‘Babe! I can’t get these buttoned!’” Scruggs said. “Usually, I can do it. But I was like,  ‘Oh my gosh it’s one of those days; they are literally not buttoning. I’m screwed.’”

Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy

Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy married in 2014.

Scruggs, who previously worked in the fashion department of Gossip Girl, worked with the Runway of Dreams Foundation Gala last week in hopes to bring awareness to the challenges that people with prosthetic limbs face daily.

“It takes time to put on a jacket, to figure out how to get it over my prosthesis. [I have to consider] buttoning buttons, zipping zippers, tying my shoes,” she shared. “I learned that there are 59 million differently-abled people in America. There’s a huge market of people that care about fashion, and everyone can come together and help each other and encourage and empower each other.”

The Texas native, who now lives in L.A. with the E! News personality, wrote about the harrowing propeller accident in her memoir, which was released before she had met Kennedy. “I started yelling: ‘My life is ruined! No one will ever love me! I am so ugly!’” Scruggs wrote as she recalled the aftermath of the incident. Ultimately, the fashion blogger concluded in her book, “There was so much more to my life than being worried about how I looked.”

In 2013, Scruggs was interviewed by Giuliana Rancic, who thought she should meet her then-colleague, Kennedy. “I didn’t know who he was. But she told me that he had this amazing Bible study in Los Angeles and had great friends,” Scruggs previously told People. “She texted Jason and asked if he was going to be on set.”

The couple got engaged in 2014 and were married by December of that year.

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