Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s 22nd Anniversary Celebration Will Involve Baby Whales

harry hamlin lisa rinna(Credit: Shutterstock)

Not all couples celebrate anniversaries with dinner and flowers. Lisa Rinna joined Ryan Seacrest to guest co-host Live With Kelly and Ryan on Monday, and the longtime TV personality revealed what she and her husband of 22 years, Harry Hamlin, plan on doing for their upcoming anniversary—and it’s far from conventional.

“So this is so Harry Hamlin,” Rinna, 55, told Seacrest. “Harry comes to me and he says, ‘How about we go and see the baby whales being born in the salt water?’ And the reason why they’re born in the salt water is they go to this place—I wanna say Mexico–they go to have their baby whales [there] so they float to the top in the salt water so they don’t drown. Which I think it probably is a good thing.”

Seacrest, barely containing his incredulity, asked Rinna, “Aren’t all whales always in salt water?”

A clearly flustered Rinna laughed at herself for the comment, agreeing with Seacrest that that was definitely an oversight in the plan.

“Our life is a little bit busy, so there are only times when I actually ask questions,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member explained. “I just listen and go, ‘Alright, that sounds cool, let’s do it!’ So hopefully, we will see some baby whales being born.”

After Seacrest again pointed out how unusual of an anniversary activity this is, Rinna clarified that being close to nature and enjoying the outdoors is something that’s really meaningful to Hamlin.

“I don’t know if you know this about Harry Hamlin, [but] he’s kinda like MacGyver,” she said. “He loves outdoors, he goes hiking up in the high Sierras by himself, he likes to hang out with bears. He likes animals, and a mammal I guess would even be better.”

Rinna called herself and Hamlin “complete opposites,” though their enduring marriage is proof that their different personalities actually do complement one another. Being married for 22 years in Hollywood, she said, has been no easy task.

“I always say that that’s kind of like 150 years in Hollywood, which, it is,” she joked.

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