Exclusive: Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron on That Wedding and the Exact Moment They Fell in Love

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For Love Is Blind’s Lauren and Cameron, love was blind—and then it was real. On Netflix’s inaugural reality television experiment, contestants Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton drummed up massive support as viewers tuned in to watch their love story unfold on the streaming service in February.

In the Love Is Blind finale on February 27, Lauren and Cameron was just one of the couples out of five to have a wedding, already defying odds that stemmed from their blind-dating origins. As viewers witnessed the spectacular (and some-outright sad) finale weddings, all planned in four weeks or less, the success rate of most couples exchanging “I dos” was less than 50 percent. Ahead of the reunion on March 5, The Knot spoke with Lauren and Cameron about the nuptials and the atypical process of how they fell in love.

“It’s not your typical wedding situation… most [people] will take their time with bouquets, the rings,” she says in an exclusive interview. “We had to do things within a 24-hour to 48-hour time frame… But that was the process we signed up for.”

However, the couple still went into the planning process knowing that there were aspects about the wedding itself that they wanted to place emphasis on. “I had to have my color scheme,” says Speed. “I wanted there to be a splash of color with the purple and pinks. The music and the drinks were very important to me and have fun. Those were my main things. The venue was the Estate. Very beautiful, one of the older mansion estates. It was super classy and super beautiful.”

“I wanted Lauren to be able to have those things she had envisioned for our wedding,” Hamilton adds. “A lot of men don’t picture the finer details of the wedding ceremony… I didn’t want her to feel rushed. It was stressful.”

For Hamilton, his priority was the people, or simply put, his bride and their loved ones. “Really [the most important part of wedding planning was] just having our friends and family there,” he says. “We had probably two or three weeks to invite them so you can imagine how hard it is for people to shift their lives around to come to a wedding. We were amazed how family and friends moved mountains to try to be there. They knew how special the connection was… and knowing us, we wouldn’t do something unless we were 100 percent sure about it.”

For context: Netflix’s Love Is Blind has flipped the traditional reality dating show format on its head by removing physical chemistry from the picture. The series kicked off with 15 men and 15 women who got to know each other in individualized “personal pods” where dates solely consisted of conversation—stripping away the usual emphasis on appearances while dating. It was only two dates in that the couple found solace in each other and a different type of chemistry: deep and meaningful conversation.

“I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out,” says content creator Speed, of when she knew Hamilton was it. “On our second date when Cameron and I were crying together as we talked about our families, I knew for me, I had never experienced this before. This man is special. He has to be or stay in my life in some capacity… It showed on the show. When I walked out of the pod.”

“I agree with Lauren, on that date, being very special,” responds Hamilton, a scientist. “That’s when I realized I was in love with her. As a side note, what you see on the show is not all the dates that occurred. We were dating 16-plus hours a day. My main point was one of the dates they didn’t show was Lauren and I having a conversation, I don’t know where it came into my mind, but I asked her, ‘What if I proposed to you?’ And she said, ‘What if I said ‘yes.’ I knew that’s when she would be my wife.”

Watch the Love Is Blind reunion on Netflix’s YouTube channel on Thursday, March 5.

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