Watch Madonna Help Gay Couple Get Engaged During Concert

Madonna makes couple get engaged during concertMadonna makes a couple get engaged during her concert in Canada on October 11.

A Youtube video of Madonna’s October 11 concert in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is going viral, but not because of Madge’s usual antics.

The 57-year-old pop icon paused her show Rebel Heart Tour show after performing “Material Girl” to invite one lucky fan in the front row, Jan, to propose to his boyfriend, Chad.

In front of sold out arena of nearly 17,000 screaming Madonna fans, the singer asks the couple’s names and jokes about Jan having a “girl’s name” to which he replies, “No!” She continues to play with the two men, and to the crowd, by telling Jan, “You’re the girl,” and Chad, “You’re the boy,” accidentally calling Chad, “Jack” a couple times.

Then it’s all business as Madonna orders Jan to propose to Chad into the microphone, which she holds out while he professes his love.

“I love you with all my heart, Chad,” Jan says into the mic. “Will you marry me, please?”

Chad quickly accepts the proposal and Madonna says, “You may kiss the bride!” The newly-engaged couple then kisses and embraces one another.

“You forgot the most important part,” Madonna adds, tossing a small bundle of roses at the pair. “You need to catch the bouquet!”

The video was originally uploaded on Monday by CTV Edmonton Morning Live personality Stacey Brotzel.

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