Mandy Moore Has an Adventure in Mind for Her Honeymoon with Fiancé Taylor Goldsmith

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As 2017 winds down, Mandy Moore isn’t wasting any time looking forward toward the future. In a new cover story for Shape magazine, the This Is Us star reveals that she’s already thinking about her honeymoon with fiancé Taylor Goldsmith—even though they just got engaged three months ago.

“I’ve always been the girl who goes by how my clothes fit. I don’t weigh myself—I just like to feel good in my body,” she told the magazine of her body image. “Running is a challenge I’m not up for, though I am in awe of anyone who can finish a marathon. But I do want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. That’s a bucket list item—maybe on the next hiatus. I’ve already told Taylor that I may incorporate it into the honeymoon.”

Moore, 33, and Goldsmith, the lead singer for band Dawes, got engaged in September following just over two years of dating. The pair, who met through Instagram, are hoping to build a home together “sooner rather than later,” Moore said, especially given how unpredictable life can be.

The singer filed for divorce from husband Ryan Adams in 2015 after six years together, and began starring on hit series This Is Us shortly afterward.

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“If you were to tell me two years ago that I’d be talking about my life in this way with you, I would have said that you were crazy,” she said. “My life has changed exponentially in that short time. I went through a divorce. I moved out of a home that I had lived in for 14 years. I started a new relationship. I’m on a show that changed everything for me. My man and I found a house and are doing renovations. When we move, I’ll feel like I finally have a place to hang my hat. We can set up the record player! I’ll know where my brown sweater is! And we can start a family, hopefully sooner rather than later, and establish our own traditions.”

As a part of growing up and moving forward, Moore added that she’s learned to shed her body insecurities over the years, especially as they relate to her height.

“When I was 12 or 13, I grew four inches over the summer, and I developed terrible posture because I was taller than all the guys and uncomfortable in my skin,” she said. “Although I’ve become a lot more comfortable with myself—I’m 5’10” and a size 6—everyone has their self-doubts and insecurities. But as I get older, I’m learning what it takes to love myself fully through exercise, healthy eating, and monitoring my inner voice in an effort to keep it positive. By self-prioritizing, I feel healthier, more centered, and therefore more confident. I’ve come to love my height. Taylor is a bit shorter than I am, but I’ll put on those four-inch heels and be 6’2″!”