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‘Arranged’ Newlyweds Maneka and Mayur Reveal One of the Biggest Challenges in Their Marriage

maneka mayur weddingArranged newlyweds Maneka and Mayur open up exclusively to The Knot about life after their wedding and some of the biggest challenges they've faced. Get the details here. (Photo courtesy of FYI)

Who said transitions are easy? Arranged stars Maneka and Mayur, who are currently featured on Season 2 of FYI’s popular reality series, were off to a rocky start when they were first introduced to viewers last month. However, the two have seemingly navigated past the cultural boundaries affecting their relationship, and they open up to The Knot exclusively about how this translates into their everyday lives.

The couple shared one of the biggest challenges they’ve faced while living together — and it’s surprisingly simple.

“Mayur and I agree it’s probably our diets,” Maneka tells The Knot. “Mayur eats mostly meat and I don’t. So, when it comes to eating meals together, I usually have to make two separate meals: one vegetarian plate and one meat dish.  At restaurants we can’t really share, so we end up having a lot of leftovers.”

Maneka, however, gets her vegetarian fix at home with her family. “I see my mother at our boutique about 2 times a week,” she tells us. “And we both will go over to their house for dinner on Mondays, which is our ‘Indian Vegetarian Dinner Family Night.’ I still miss them dearly but I feel like now that I’m not living with them, I appreciate them so much more and spend more quality time with them when I am with them.”

Occasionally, Mayur will throw in a sweet gesture for his wife. “When Mayur knows I’ve had a long day, he cooks a nice meal for me, and it just makes me forget about the day I had,” she shared. “One day out of the blue, I walked into my office and found a beautiful bouquet of roses sitting on my table with a note that said, ‘I love you.’ I was beyond touched.”

She’s also a doting wife to her new husband. “I make sure to cook him a hearty healthy breakfast before we go to work,” Maneka tells The Knot. “The key to Mayur’s heart is through his stomach. For sure!”

Their post-wedding struggles have been documented in detail on the series. Maneka, who was previously divorced, has been insecure about her past failed relationship — and it overflowed into her engagement to Mayur. The two ultimately married in a traditional Indian wedding, which was revealed on the May 31, episode of Arranged. 

Catch Maneka and Mayur as they transition from singlehood to marriage on Arranged on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on FYI.

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