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Married at First Sight’s David Norton: It Was Difficult to Agree on Decision Day

David Norton and Ashley Doherty in front of Married at First Sight homeDavid Norton tells The Knot that he was more worried for decision day than his wedding day on Married at First Sight. Credit: Zach Dilgard/FYI

The clock is ticking down for the Married at First Sight season 3 participants, and viewers are already dreading Tuesday nights without them. Although we’ve enjoyed watching them on television, it has become abundantly clear that the stars of the show are real-life people going through a surreal situation.

With decision day drawing near, it seems no one is feeling the pressure more than David Norton. The 29-year-old account executive has been trying his best to win the love and affection of his match, Ashley Doherty, from the moment they met on their wedding day. For better or for worse, Norton is sharing his Married at First Sight experience up through decision day and beyond in an exclusive part two interview with The Knot. And fans may just be surprised as to what he has to say.

Norton has remained positive and optimistic throughout the Married at First Sight process and says he will be able to say “I tried” if he does indeed walk away from the marriage. We asked him if he believes his wife can say the same. “I know without any hesitation that I can,” he tells us. “I mean, despite my best efforts, we failed to do most of the homework assignments that the experts assigned for us to do.”

“If nothing else, do the homework,” he goes on. “It’s hard for me at least to say we gave it our best when we have so many incomplete homework assignments out there. If you fail a class and ask the teacher to change the grade because you tried your best, well the teacher is going to see you didn’t do your homework and say, ‘How can you say you did your best when you are missing so many homework assignments?'”

We had to know if Norton has ever wished the Married at First Sight experts had matched him with someone else. “No, not at all!” he is quick to reply. “I trust the experts, and I trust the process. My feelings are – if we can get through these six weeks and figure it out – well then, we are going to be able to get through anything.”

“One of my concerns,” he shares, “was what if we start off really well and then after the six weeks the cameras go away, the experts aren’t coming by every week, and then we hit a major bump in the road. Then what? At least now, I know that we can accomplish anything! Regardless, I have learned so much about what is takes to be a good partner and about myself from Ashley, the experts, and the process.”

Because the couple has had difficulty connecting and communicating throughout the Married at First Sight experiment, we asked Norton when the two decided to discuss decision day. “Decision Day is interesting…keep watching,” he teases viewers. “We did our best to have a conversation about it, but like most of our conversations up to this point, it was difficult to get to an agreement, and really dive deep into our relationship. I will say, I was more nervous for decision day than I was on my wedding day. Wedding day you have friends and family by your side. Decision day it’s just you, your partner, and the experts.”

Norton has many vocal fans on social media. Some ladies have even offered to marry him if he and Doherty did decide to go their separate ways. We were curious if this fan favorite would consider trying a “blind marriage” again. “I see that, and love the support from everyone,” he shares. “Truly, the encouragement that I have received from everyone has been both humbling and overwhelming, so thank you all.”

“However, to answer your question, I think that if this doesn’t work out, I’ll have PTSD from blind marriages,” Norton admits. “But you can never say never! I would have bet a year’s pay that I would have never entered a blind marriage the first time, so we’ll see. No matter what, I do trust the process and experts regardless how decision day turns out.”

So, if Norton is back on the dating scene, what is he looking for in a woman? “Life since Married at First Sight has been crazy,” he tells The Knot. “All I am is a normal guy who wanted to find love and be married.”

“IF, and that’s a big IF, I am back in the dating game,” he continues, “I have learned a lot about patience, and its okay to tackle a relationship together but separate. What I mean by that is, it’s okay for one person to jump right in the deep end, and the other person to take their time and walk in at the other end of the pool, as long as you meet in the middle. What I’ve always looked for in a partner, is someone who is honest with their feelings, who is always up for adventures, and someone who places a strong value on marriage, family, and friends.”

While Norton can’t divulge the outcome of the Married at First Sight experiment with viewers, we asked for confirmation that things have worked out for him. His dedication to the process has been constant, leaving viewers wondering how he would deal with divorce. “Good things happen to those who work hard,” he shares optimistically, “and have an unwavering belief that something good is going to happen. It may not always be what you expect, but as one of my favorite quotes go, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

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