Married at First Sight’s Derek and Heather Learn How Their Friends Perceive Them: Episode Recap

heather derek MAFSHeather decides whether she should remain with Derek on Married at First Sight. Read The Knot's recap here. (Photo credit: FYI)

No one could have predicted the twist and turns that season 4 of Married at First Sight would take. The remaining couples are determined to make their marriages work as the experiment nears its end.

On the latest episode, the participants seek advice from friends and family – and some aren’t prepared for what they hear. As time ticks down, The Knot recaps the standout moments from Tuesday, October 11.

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: After being given a homework assignment entitled “naked moments” by the Married at First Sight experts, Derek meets his friend, Christine, for drinks and some tough love. In the confessional, Christine explains that she dated Derek for a year and a half, but back then he wasn’t ready for a commitment.

Derek is to keep quiet while Christine tells him how she perceives him. First she points out that her friend is “passionate,” which can be both good and bad.

Next, Christine mentions Derek’s temper and that he needs to learn to be patient. After the exercise, Derek admits to agreeing with everything his longtime friend said.

In the confessional, Derek shares that he’s ready to date. He’s been wanting to cuddle with someone since his wedding day, and he still hasn’t gotten his chance.

Heather enlists her good friend, Amber, for the “naked moments” assignment. Amber is brutally honest – telling Heather she’s “over-analytical” and “harsh at times.”

Heather’s friend goes on to tell her she can “get a little psycho sometimes.” She explains that Heather comes off as “a little pretentious or stuck up,” and she “looks reserved and unwilling to engage in conversation with a multitude of people.”

Amber then tells Heather that overall she’s “nice, funny, fun, and upbeat.”

In the confessional, Heather explains that she’s like a pineapple: Tough on the outside, but once you get through the outer layer, she’s sweet.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: In an emotional moment, Lillian attempts to call her father to wish him a happy birthday. Although he was an “exceptional dad,” Lillian hasn’t heard from him for a year.

“Live your life with no regrets, and make every attempt you can,” Tom encourages his wife as she tries to decide if she should call her father. She’s upset when her dad doesn’t answer, but Tom is there to console her.

Tom and Lillian’s moms fly in for a Mother’s Day visit. Tom tells his mom that marriage is tougher than he expected. He explains that Lillian has trouble juggling her career and their marriage.

Later, the newlyweds talk in the kitchen while their mothers chat outside. Lillian tells Tom she had a bad day at work, and he worries it will be an ongoing issue. The evening takes a positive turn when Tom and Lillian reflect on their childhoods.

When Tom and Lillian take their moms to a paint and wine event, everyone has a great time. But the differences between the newlyweds are obvious when Lillian insists on following the instructions to the letter and Tom creates his own design. Lillian muses that sometimes Tom forgets that they’re a team.

During a picnic, Tom’s mom tells Lillian that Tom was a sensitive child and he needs lots of attention. Although there is a language barrier between Tom and his mother-in-law, he manages to ask for her permission to marry Lillian. She doesn’t hesitate in giving Tom her blessing.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: As they try to establish trust, Nick and Sonia video chat with Married at First Sight sociologist, Dr. Pepper. The expert explains that Nick and Sonia have been a difficult couple to track.

Dr. Pepper encourages Sonia to move back in with Nick so their relationship can grow, but Sonia is still unsure.

Later, Nick and Sonia have a “pillow talk” session on the sofa. They both share the desire to have children, and Sonia explains that she wants to feel safe in her home.

Nick struggles to understand why Sonia is reluctant to move back in with him. Sonia decides to invite her father for a visit.

When Sonia’s dad asks Nick if marriage means forever to him, there is an awkward silence before Nick responds. “For sure. That was my expectation from the get go,” he tells his father-in-law.

When the couple go to the driving range, Nick teaches Sonia to golf. She’s encouraged by how supportive he is, and he’s impressed by how quickly she catches on.

Later, when they give Nick’s dogs a bath, Sonia is optimistic. She’s hopeful about the future, admitting, “It feels good. It feels right.”

Married at First Sight expert, Rachel DeAlto, explains that Sonia moving out was a “restart” for the couple.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode, Tom believes Lillian is being ignorant when she refuses to go to an alternative medicine specialist. Nick pushes Sonia to move back in.

The countdown to decision day continues on Married at First Sight, airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.

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