‘Married at First Sight’ Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: Ashley “Not Attracted” to David

Ashley and David standing at wedding altarAshley Doherty said she was "not attracted" to David Norton after meeting him for the first time at their wedding on FYI's Married at First Sight. Credit: FYI

If the Married at First Sight season 3 premiere didn’t hook you, we’re betting the December 8 episode did! This “radical social experiment” is proving to be eye-opening for the new brides and grooms, and it’s not all blind wedding bliss.

All three couples are now married, and while some are smitten with their matches, others are already having second thoughts. If you missed the episode, or just need a refresher, we’ll get you up to speed…

David & Ashley: Before their wedding, this bride and groom have their priorities in line. “Marriage is making yourself be a better person,” David tells viewers, while Ashley acknowledges, “I really want a family, and for me, marriage is key in that.” As Ashley walks down the aisle, David is completely smitten. “Oh my god, she’s beautiful,” he says. But his bride-to-be isn’t convinced they’ll make a good match. “Unfortunately, I’m not attracted to my new husband,” she admits. Regardless, they both say “I do,” and she lets him kiss her on the cheek.

After the ceremony, the couple has some alone time. David attempts to make conversation, but Ashley feels uncomfortable talking to him. Her discomfort grows as she poses for wedding photos with her new husband, and the awkwardness carries over into the reception. Thankfully, David scores points with his new bride when their guests begin to clink their glasses, encouraging the couple to kiss. David stands up and kisses her hand… a kind gesture which did not go unnoticed by his wife.

Toward the end of the episode, it seems Ashley may be coming around. “He seems like a super kind and genuine person,” she says, “and that’s what I need.” She goes onto say, “There are a lot of ways you can be attractive. It’s not just about physical appearance.” She then concedes, “I know we were matched for a reason.” We have high hopes that a difficult start will bloom into a loving marriage for this new bride and groom.

Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell standing during wedding ceremony

Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell both seemed happy after meeting each other for the first time during their wedding on FYI’s Married at First Sight. Credit: FYI

Tres & Vanessa: The season 3 premiere ended with Tres walking away from the altar mid-ceremony. While we all assumed he was torn whether or not to go through with the wedding, we find out, on the latest episode, that he walked away so he could surprise Vanessa with a proposal. The gesture was incredibly romantic, and it made last week’s cliffhanger worth the wait. During the rest of the ceremony, Tres appears to be enamored, and Vanessa is beaming. If first impressions are anything to go by, we see a happy future for these two.

Once the couple says, “I do,” they take part in the “jumping the broom” tradition to signify they are entering a new life together. After the ceremony, neither of the newlyweds seem to be questioning their decision to go through with the nuptials, and the immediate connection between them is apparent. Tres acknowledges that he’s “in it for the long haul,” and Vanessa says she’s “committed to putting in the work.” Both of their families are supportive of the marriage. Tres’ aunt refers to them as a “match made in heaven.”

The couple’s first dance is very sweet, and by the way Vanessa kisses her new husband, you would never know they just met. They look happy and natural together while the photographer is taking their wedding photos. Tres admits that the one word he would use to describe his future is “hopeful.” This pair is so cute together, we’re hopeful for them, too!

Samantha Rule and Neil Bowlus smile for wedding photos

Samantha Rule was questioning her decision to marry Neil Bowlus at first sight following their ceremony. Credit: FYI

Neil & Sam: Prior to the ceremony, Neil introduces himself to Sam’s family. Her mother is instantly accepting of him, and the bridesmaids are equally impressed, asking, “If Sam doesn’t want him, can we call dibs?” Sam is a nervous wreck before the wedding, unsure whether she is making a mistake. Although she keeps her match waiting, she does finally make her way down the aisle by dancing with her father.

Neil is thrilled to see Sam when she enters the room, stating, “She took my breath away.” They introduce themselves to each other with a handshake and high five at the altar, both joking around together. Neil becomes more serious when the ceremony starts, but Sam is giddy and continues to act nervously amused by what’s happening. Once they’ve said their vows, the two kiss each other on the cheek and take part in the traditional “breaking of the glass.”

When they steal a moment alone together post-ceremony, Neil wants to show his sentimental side, but Sam is not ready for affection. The new groom shares that he adores Sam’s “bubbly and fun” personality, but his bride doesn’t seem to be quite as sure about her match. “He’s not the type of guy I normally date,” she admits. “I don’t see him as my husband and I’m trying to envision that. It will take time.”

During the reception, Sam’s brother gives a heartfelt speech, welcoming Neil into the family. Neil follows up by telling his wife, “I look forward to transforming perfect strangers into best friends.” Sam thanks her family and friends for being there, and when she mentions her late grandmother, she begins to cry. Neil stands up to comfort his wife; the gesture is sincere and sweet. Later into the reception, the groom introduces his match to his ex-girlfriend, leaving Sam unimpressed. She’s beginning to see red flags, and confesses, “I made the biggest mistake of my life.” Post-wedding jitters are setting in for the new bride who is afraid of “ruining everything.” Our fingers are crossed that she’ll give Neil a chance, because he truly seems to want to make this marriage work.

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