Married at First Sight’s Nate Duhon Says He’s Building a Healthy Marriage With Sheila Downs

Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon'Married at First Sight' season 5 participant Nate Duhon says he and Sheila Downs have continued counseling and are intent on building a healthy marriage (Photo courtesy of A&E Networks)

Married at First Sight‘s Nate Duhon says his marriage is stronger than ever. Since the season 5 participant and his wife, Sheila Downs, decided to stay together on decision day, the newlyweds have been finding a new normal and making plans for the future.

“Now that we are done filming, we are able to get into a normal routine and see what our day-to-day life looks like,” Duhon tells The Knot. “The chemistry and passion is still there, and we are learning more and more about each other every day.”

The Chicago-based business manager, 26, and his bride, 31, were arguably the season’s most passionate couple. That passion, however, led to several heated arguments and threats to end the marriage. Since the camera’s stopped rolling, the pair have reflected on the blowups, which in turn has cemented their connection “I didn’t sign up for easy; I signed up for marriage and vowed for better or worse,” Downs previously told The Knot.

The couple realized that, in order to move forward, they could no longer tear each other down. “This serves as a constant reminder that we must remain respectful towards one another so that Duhon Dynasty can thrive,” Duhon explains.

After decision day, the newlyweds booked a cruise. “It was time to reward ourselves and enjoy each other’s company without cameras,” he acknowledges. “After that, we sat down and mapped out goals for ourselves and for our marriage.”

Throughout the MAFS process, couples receive advice from relationship experts. Post-experiment, Duhon and Downs have decided to continue with ongoing therapy. “We both have a desire to have a healthy marriage that gives God the glory,” Duhon shares. “And we both feel it’s best we stay with counseling, especially since we weren’t able to get premarital counseling.”

Although the process hasn’t necessarily changed Duhon as a person, it has made him increasingly grateful. “It shows that you never know what form your next blessing is going to come in,” he notes. “This blessing came in the form of a lovely wife.  You must stay open-minded.”

The couple is considering a second wedding, but first on the list is an engagement ring. They’d also like to add to their family. “We plan to have a bunch of little ‘chocolate drops’ running around,” Duhon says. “And hopefully in the future, we can move somewhere with a warmer climate.”

To Duhon, marriage means being loving and supportive, even when times are tough. “It means being able to work with your partner, and creating a team where each person is respected and contributes to the relationship,” he concludes to The Knot. “Marriage means everything, and I’m glad that I have Mrs. Duhon as my queen for eternity.”

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