‘Married at First Sight’ Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: Are These Marriages Too Good To Be True?

MAFS season 4Meet the Season 4 contestants of Married at First Sight.

It’s official! The Married at First Sight participants have taken the leap. They’ve married complete strangers, and they’re determined to make their marriages work.

On the Tuesday, August 2 episode, the couples exchanged their vows – and unlike previous Married at First Sight seasons, they were all immediately impressed with their matches. The question is: Will their first impressions stick, or are these marriages too good to be true? If you missed the episode – or just need a refresher – read on! The Knot is recapping every memorable wedding day moment.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: The weather is not cooperating on Tom and Lillian’s wedding day. It pours as Lillian makes her way down the aisle, but Tom remains optimistic.

“She is gorgeous,” Tom says after seeing his Married at First Sight match. He loves that she’s willing to walk down the aisle of their outdoor wedding despite the torrential rain.

“He’s so handsome,” Lillian gushes when she sees Tom for the first time. “I feel like a very lucky girl.” They hug as she reaches the altar.

During the ceremony, Tom and Lillian stand under an umbrella. The wedding officiant shares tidbits of information to help them get to know one another.

As Tom is saying his vows, the rain stops coming down. Lillian seems relieved when the sun comes out and they put their umbrella away. After they share their personal vows, they hug before walking back down the aisle as husband and wife.

During a moment alone before their wedding reception, Lillian explains to Tom that she didn’t wear the pearl necklace because, in her culture, pearls are considered bad luck on a bride’s wedding day. Tom is understanding.

As they pose for their wedding photos, Tom and Lillian are comfortable together. “I definitely got very lucky,” Tom shares with Married at First Sight viewers.

At the reception, Tom tells Lillian that his father left when he was young. Lillian shares that her father is also not in the picture.

Lillian is feeling the chemistry with her husband, but she fears getting hurt. Her sister confronts her during the reception, asking why Lillian didn’t want her to be part of the bridal party. Lillian apologizes to her sister, and Tom thinks she handles the situation well. It is obvious he wants to support his wife.

As the couple heads to their honeymoon suite, Tom admits to feeling “sexual tension” with Lillian.

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: Derek is impressed when he sees Heather walking down the aisle. He loves her blonde hair and blue eyes. “Wow, she’s beautiful!” he tells viewers. Heather has a similar reaction to her husband. She thinks he has a “nice face” and “kind eyes.”

Derek and Heather seem to have a connection from the beginning. They hold hands and read handwritten vows to one another. They even give each other a peck on the lips after saying, “I do.”

Heather feels awkward while having wedding photos taken. Derek is relieved when he learns his bride wasn’t put-off by anything he had done… She just felt that kissing during the photo session was “forced.”

Heather seems to be pinching herself. She’s not used to men being as nice as her new husband. “Derek seems ready to be a husband,” she tells Married at First Sight viewers.

Derek wants to be the kind of husband Heather wants him to be. He’s excited to unwind in their honeymoon suite and get to know each other.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: Sonia is relieved as she walks down the aisle of her beachfront wedding. She thinks Nick is cute, and her husband-to-be thinks she’s “very pretty.”

After reading their vows, the couple share a kiss on the cheek. During their time alone, Sonia tells Nick she loves her infinity wedding ring.

Sonia’s feeling awkward, and Nick is introverted. The new bride is looking for a sign that her husband finds her attractive. She’s anxious, but Nick is calm as they have a private moment together.

Nick and Sonia dance at their wedding reception. Sonia finds Nick “kind of sexy,” but she’s still looking for a sign from him. When she talks to Nick’s mom, she mentions that he hasn’t complimented her. Later, Nick is put on the spot when his mother nicely confronts him.

“You have to tell a woman she’s pretty when she’s pretty,” Nick’s mom tells him. When Sonia introduces Nick to her mother, he tells her mom that Sonia is beautiful.

“I might have found love at first sight,” Nick tells viewers.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.

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