‘Married at First Sight’ Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Tom Feels “Sexual Tension” With Lillian on Their Wedding Night

MAFS lillian tomMarried at First Sight Season 4 couple Lillian and Tom.

The tension is building for the Married at First Sight couples. For some, the feeling is welcome, but for others, newlywed nerves are leading to agitation.

On the latest episode, the newly-married couples are spending their first nights alone together – and while each match is going swimmingly well thus far, Married at First Sight viewers know the honeymoon phase may be short-lived for these couples. The Knot rehashes the highlights from the August 9 episode.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: Sex is important to Sonia, but she believes that “establishing an emotional connection is more important.” Thankfully, Nick has no preconceived notions as to how their wedding night will play out.

Nick attempts to carry Sonia over the threshold of their honeymoon suite, but she insists he doesn’t. She is concerned Nick won’t be able to hold her up. After an awkward moment, he unclasps Sonia’s wedding dress so the newlyweds can get cozy. They drink the whiskey that Sonia gifted to Nick before their wedding, loosening them both up.

The next morning, Nick and Sonia learn they’ll be honeymooning in the Dominican Republic. Before they leave, they first join their families for lunch, and everyone gets along.

After the luncheon, Married at First Sight expert, Rachel DeAlto, visits Nick and Sonia. She is pleased with how their relationship is progressing and appreciates that the newlyweds are “cautiously optimistic” about their marriage.

Rachel explains that vulnerability is important. She asks Nick and Sonia to look into each other’s eyes and state, “I am your husband/wife.” Sonia gets emotional during the exercise. Rachel is concerned that Sonia may get overwhelmed and pull away from Nick.

On the ride to the airport in their limo, Nick questions the fact that Sonia is afraid of dogs but loves horses. He has two dogs of his own, so Sonia’s fear of them is a legitimate concern.

Despite some initial awkwardness between them, Nick loves that Sonia laughs at his “corny jokes.”

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: Although Tom admits to not having any wedding night expectations, he loves how affectionate his new wife is, and he is feeling the “sexual tension.” After carrying Lillian over the threshold of their honeymoon suite, he’s turned-on when he feeds her chocolate-covered strawberries in bed.

Tom and Lillian don’t consummate their marriage, but they wake up happy and full of optimism the next morning. They meet their families for brunch before leaving for Montego Bay, Jamaica, for their honeymoon. Everyone gets along well and is obviously thrilled for the newlyweds.

When Rachel DeAlto stops by, she sees the connection between Tom and Lillian. She is, however, concerned that the duo may soon have a “reality check,” but she’s hopeful that they’ll get through it together.

Tom’s honeymoon goals are to have fun with Lillian and to get to know her. He also wants to tell her about his living situation, but he’s waiting for the perfect time. “I could probably live anywhere,” Lillian tells him during a conversation. Tom’s bus has caused issues in past relationships, so he’s concerned it may drive her away.

Over dinner, Tom shares some of his insecurities with his wife. He wants her to be fully committed to him and their marriage. Lillian is impressed with her husband’s openness and honesty. She thinks tonight may be the night they consummate their marriage.

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: These newlyweds are getting along well, but Heather has yet to feel Chemistry with Derek. He carries her over the threshold of their honeymoon suite, then the couple change into comfortable clothes and chat before going to bed.

The next morning, Derek jokes that the “conversation is getting a little corny” when he asks his bride about her favorite vegetable (asparagus) and admits that he prefers corn.

Derek and Heather learn that they’ll be going to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon. During a conversation about travel, Heather encourages her husband to get a passport, as she’s a flight attendant and travels often.

Before leaving on their honeymoon, the newlyweds meet their parents for lunch. Then, Rachel DeAlto stops by to encourage them to celebrate their union while they’re away. She also gives them homework including an activity called, “pillow talk.”

Heather loves how nice her husband is, but she admits to being “nit-picky” in the past. She’s trying to keep an open-mind and not be judgmental about Derek. She doesn’t like that he enjoys gambling and smoking occasionally.

During a deep conversation, Derek shares that he is working on being a better listener. Heather tells him she needs to learn to be “more patient,” but she’s disappointed when she learns that smoking “occasionally” means once a week to Derek. For now, she’s keeping her concerns on the back burner while she gets to know her husband.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode, Sonia and Nick have a romantic connection on their honeymoon. Derek wonders what he’s gotten himself into during an argument with Heather. Tom hurts Lillian’s feeling when he mentions material possessions.

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