‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Derek Says Heather Isn’t His Type

MAFS Derek HeatherDerek Schwartz and Heather Seidel from FYI's "Married at First Sight." (Photo credit: Karolina Wojtasik)

If Married at First Sight fans have learned nothing else from the experiment, they know that first impressions can be deceiving. On the latest episode, the participants’ feelings continue to grow for one another. Unfortunately, those progressing feelings aren’t all good.

As the honeymoon drama continues to unfold, The Knot gives viewers a rundown of the most memorable moments from the August 23 episode.

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: It’s the morning after their tiff over Derek’s bad habits,  and these newlyweds are trying to play nice. They have breakfast on the balcony of their hotel room in Puerto Rico, but Derek feels the awkwardness, telling viewers that he and his wife are being “fake nice.” Heather, however, says she woke up “with a fresh attitude.”

After breakfast, they take surfing lessons in the ocean. Derek is hoping to bond with Heather and be romantic, but she shares with Married at First Sight viewers that, “Up to this point, I’m not that romantically interested in Derek.”

Although she’s not a “water person,” Heather has a great time surfing. Derek, on the other hand, is frustrated that his wife held hands with the surf instructor, but she won’t hold hands with him.

Heather thinks the day is going well, but Derek is stressed after surfing. They hike to a cave, and he feels a connection with his wife. Just when he thinks things are going well, Heather leaves the cave without telling him. Derek feels “rejected.” When he confronts her, Heather admits that she feels like she’s dealing with “an emotional teenage girl.” Derek believes he and his wife are like “oil and water,” and he feels “stuck” with her in Puerto Rico.

The newlyweds video chat with Pastor Calvin in hopes of working through their problems. The Married at First Sight expert tells Heather that he can see her walls are up. He believes that, after several arguments, Derek and Heather need “a win.” He asks the couple to look at one another and say, “You are not my enemy.”

“I’m at the point where I’m fine going forward, but I’m not the girl I was on day one with hearts in my eyes and hope in my heart. That’s not me,” Heather tells viewers.

Derek senses that his wife was not receptive to Pastor Calvin’s advice. And things get worse later when Derek isn’t feeling well, but Heather wants to explore their honeymoon location. She asks Derek if he would like to go to the pool or beach, but when he mentions sitting in the hot tub, Heather seems turned off. She tells him she’ll sit near it, but she’s not going to get in.

Later, Heather acknowledges that she and Derek are miserable. In the confessional, Derek weighs-in on his wife not finding him attractive. “She’s not really my type either,” he says, obviously annoyed. “Heather’s no spring chicken.”

That night, they have a romantic dinner. Heather drinks wine and encourages her husband to chug his beer. Derek notices that his wife is being flirtatious. He likes seeing a different side of her.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: Although these newlyweds also had a disagreement, Nick doesn’t believe the argument set them back. Sonia tells him she’s glad they worked it out.

Nick is slightly embarrassed when the duo takes salsa lessons. He tells Married at First Sight viewers that he thinks his wife is sexy, but he wants to continue building their friendship for now.

When they go kite surfing, they both find it difficult. Sonia gives up after a while despite being highly competitive with her husband.

Later, they talk on the beach, and Sonia admits that Nick is difficult to read. She wants to know her husband is attracted to her, but he’s not yet open to being romantic.

During pillow talk, Nick learns that Sonia loves helping other people. Her job as a social worker fulfills her, which her husband respects and admires. Nick explains that his love language is gift-giving. The next day, he surprises Sonia with an array of presents.

Before leaving their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, the newlyweds ride ATVs and have a candlelit dinner for two.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: Their honeymoon in Jamaica is going perfectly, but Tom is concerned that his tour bus home will be a problem for Lillian. “I want her to like me for me,” he tells Married at First Sight viewers. Sonia – unaware of her husband’s internal struggle – says she’s afraid their marriage is “too good to be true.”

Tom talks to Pastor Calvin about his concerns. He explains that he told Lillian that he owns his own place five minutes from the beach, but he failed to mention his home is a bus. The expert encourages Tom to be confident and open-minded.

When Tom and Lillian go zip-lining, they have an amazing time. They both love that they were matched with someone adventurous.

On the last day of their honeymoon, the couple rides horses in the ocean. They talk about their biggest accomplishments and failures and continue getting to know one another.

After a “perfect wedding” and honeymoon, Lillian is ready to make a perfect marriage.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode, Lillian learns her husband lives on a bus. Pastor Calvin asks Derek and Heather if they want to continue their marriage.

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