‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Nick Opens Up, Says He’s “Not Attracted” to Sonia

sonia nick fyi mafs season 4Sonia and Nick from season 4 of FYI's Married at First Sight (Photo credit: Karolina Wojtasik / FYI)

We didn’t see this coming. Married at First Sight‘s Nick Pendergrast and his wife Sonia Granados are struggling to make their marriage work. On the Tuesday, September 20, episode, things came to a head when Nick finally opened up – and made some hurtful remarks about his bride of four weeks.

Twists and turns in each of the season 4 couples’ relationships appear to be leading to unpredictable outcomes. Here, The Knot unravels the highlights from the shocking episode.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: As the couple is sleeping, Nick’s dogs jump on the bed and wake them up. Sonia is startled, but Nick is content to let the dogs lick his face and frolic on the bed.

Later, a dog trainer stops by to help Sonia adapt to life with pets. She teaches her how to walk Dax – Nick’s smaller dog. Afterward, the pup appears to want to be close to Sonia. Nick wants Sonia to be his dogs’ “adoptive mother.”

The newly married couple fix up their fire pit to make their house seem more like a home. Sonia finds it “sexy” that Nick knows how to fix things.

They make dinner together, and she hopes that the time will help them become more intimate and romantic. Nick, however, is fearful of opening up to his wife, because she tends to shut down when they have disagreements. In the Married at First Sight confessional, he admits that he’s “reassessing the situation” as they go.

There is tension building as Sonia cuddles with the dogs on the couch and Nick is on his computer in another room. He’s frustrated with their marriage – admitting that he’s not ready to open up to Sonia about the “deep stuff.”

Sonia meets with her friend, Lorena, who encourages her to be more open. She points out that Sonia is not a good communicator, but the newlywed is adamant that she’s willing to try.

When Nick and Sonia spend time lounging together in their living room, Nick is drinking. He shares with viewers that “alcohol always loosens the situation up.”

Sonia tells her husband she wants to make their marriage work. He admits that he’s afraid she’ll keep walking away when they have an argument, but Sonia tells him she’s ready to “move forward” and “be happy” together.

Nick seems highly irritated with his wife. He muses that he believes they’re on different wavelengths before admitting to Married at First Sight viewers that things have changed drastically for him since the start of the experiment.

“When we first got married, I thought she was beautiful,” he acknowledges, “but my level of attraction to her is not as high as it was initially.”

Nick then tells Sonia that he doesn’t believe that their marriage should take work. “It should just happen. We don’t have that vibe,” he tells her.

He explains that since the duo had three experts scientifically match them, he doesn’t think they should have to work at all. “There should be no f–g effort involved, and you should just match. It doesn’t make sense,” he says angrily.

Sonia acknowledges that they are different people. “Exactly,” Nick responds. “So, maybe they matched us incorrectly.” He tells her that, at four weeks into the experiment, “I should have more feelings than I do.” When she encourages him to put some effort in their marriage and open-up, Nick becomes more annoyed – telling Sonia to define “open-up” as he believes it’s a “generic word.” He then tells her never to use the term “open-up” with him again.

That night in the confessional, Nick is on a roll. “I don’t have feelings for her at all,” he tells Married at First Sight producers.

He gets up to go to bed, and Sonia calls him out for walking away. “So, you’re doing what you hate about me,” she points out.

“There’s nothing else to talk about,” he replies in haste. “So, now you know how it feels.”

As Nick walks outside, the producer calls out that all relationships require work. “Well, you gotta be attracted to the person to have that relationship,” he responds. “That’s all I’m sayin’.”

“I don’t like her,” he says of Sonia in the confessional. “That’s opening up. I can’t open up any more than that.”

“I don’t think she’s attractive, and I’m not attracted to her,” he says in a shocking remark, “and that’s me opening up to the fullest f–g extent.”

In the meantime, Sonia packs her suitcases, sharing that trying to have a conversation with her husband is like “having a conversation with a 10-year old.” She apologizes to Nick’s dogs as she leaves, admitting that she wants to be far away from him.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: Tom’s birthday is coming up, so Lillian calls his brother Jeremy to invite him to fly in from Colorado. Jeremy agrees, and Lillian is excited to pull-off the surprise. She has to “sneak around” to make arrangements.

Tom is confused by Lillian’s “level of urgency” to clean their house. He’s particularly confused when she asks him to change the sheets in the guest bedroom.

On the morning of his birthday, Lillian makes Tom breakfast and surprises him with balloons. He’s touched by his wife’s effort – admitting that he’s not used to people doing nice things for him.

When Tom asks about the day ahead, Lillian tells him she has to work. In reality, she’s driving to the airport to pick up her husband’s surprise guest.

Tom asks several questions about the homes she’ll be showing that day, and Lillian suspects that he knows she may not be going to work after all.

When Lillian arrives home with Jeremy later that day, Tom is “ecstatic” and “very surprised.”

Lillian invites her family members to join them that night for a barbecue. Everyone has a great time. Tom even receives a pinata for his birthday.

“I see myself falling in love with him,” Lillian later says in the Married at First Sight confessional. “I’m very happy to say I’m his wife.”

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: They may be separated, but Derek and Heather still have the support of the experts. Dr. Pepper stops by Heather’s place to get a better understanding of why she chose to end her marriage.

Dr. Pepper notices Heather is no longer wearing her wedding ring. Heather explains that she doesn’t think it’s “respectful” to wear it when she’s “chosen to leave the marriage.”

Dr. Pepper asks Heather when she knew her marriage was over. Heather describes moments from the honeymoon that served as red flags. “I didn’t like who I was around him,” she says, referring to Derek. She explains that they had three arguments in the same day and, “each time, he made comments that were below the belt.”

Heather also mentions Derek’s “name calling.” She recalls the time he called her an alcoholic and told her she’s stuck in the 1940s. Then she tells the expert about the moment when her husband told her she won’t find anyone if she doesn’t “get off [her] high horse.”

Dr. Pepper wants to help Heather, as she can tell how upset she is. The expert encourages her to use her Married at First Sight journey as a “growth experience.” She advises Heather to write a “letter of appreciation” to Derek, telling her it will be a good way to “put a period at the end of the sentence.”

Heather realizes she needs to learn to be upfront about her feelings. She writes Derek a letter, hoping their marriage can end on a positive note.

When Dr. Pepper meets with Derek, he’s still wearing his wedding band. He shares that he didn’t want his coworkers to know his marriage had “fallen apart” so soon.

Derek agrees to send a letter to Heather. Dr. Pepper encourages him not to be embarrassed or ashamed of his experience.

When Derek spends time with his mother later, she’s disappointed that Heather chose to divorce her son. She reminds him that she adores and supports him before advising him to move on.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode, Derek and Heather get together to talk… Could there still be hope for their marriage? Sonia admits to Pastor Calvin that she has had sex with Nick. Lillian calls Tom out for not wanting to talk long-term.

Things are heating up on Married at First Sight, airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.

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