Married at First Sight’s Nick and Sonia Focus on Fixing Their Marriage: Episode Recap

Sonia Nick Married at first sightMarried at First Sight's Sonia and Nick on their wedding day. (Photo courtesy FYI)

The countdown continues. Married at First Sight‘s season 4 couples have just two weeks left in the experiment. With one duo calling it quits early, viewers have learned that anything can happen during the six-week process.

On the latest episode, the remaining participants are going to great lengths to make their marriages work. Here, The Knot recaps the memorable moments from Tuesday, October 4.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: After her husband’s infamous outburst, Sonia is living in her old apartment. She visits the home she shared with Nick to make sandwiches for the homeless.

Nick wants to start over, admitting he’s confused as to why Sonia won’t move back in with him. He points out that the experiment is nearly over, and he believes they should “take advantage of it and have fun.” But Sonia doesn’t believe that Nick knows how deeply he hurt her.

The newlyweds hand out their homemade sandwiches to local homeless people. Nick describes the experience as “eye opening,” while Sonia is impressed by her husband’s compassion – admitting that seeing him being so giving has “humanized” Nick for her.

Later, they have friends over to their shared home for a Cinco de Mayo party. While talking to a friend, Sonia reveals that she doesn’t know if she envisions a future with Nick. Her confidant encourages Sonia to communicate and be patient.

Nick shows off his dance moves, but the fun is short-lived when his friend asks the couple what the next chapter entails. No one answers, resulting in an awkward moment.

Married at First Sight experts, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson, make it no secret that they believe Sonia should move back in with Nick. Sonia, however, is still feeling hurt and aware that her husband may hurt her again. On the upside, the newlywed is seeing her husband’s effort and is hopeful it will continue.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: As a successful realtor, Lillian works a lot. She wants to make lots of money and save for the future, as she’s looking forward to having children.

Tom sometimes feels that Lillian values her job more than him. She’s late for a romantic dinner for their one-month anniversary, which irritates Tom. But when Lillian shows up with a gift – a large print taken from a video of Tom surfing – he’s impressed by her thoughtfulness.

Although the couple decided to exchange new vows for their anniversary, Lillian hasn’t had time to write hers. Tom thanks her for being honest before reading his sweet vows: “I still give you my hand and my heart,” the newlywed begins. “But now I give you my life, cause you’re now a part of my life and we are now part of each other’s lives. This is not just an experiment anymore; this is marriage. We need to try to do the best we can. That’s all I ask. We have nothing to lose.”

Lillian is touched by Tom’s vows, sharing that his words mean the world to her.

Later, Tom surprises his wife with a bouquet of lilies – her favorite flower. They run errands together, but Tom soon realizes that Lillian is ignoring him because she’s working on her laptop in his car. Although he starts joking about wanting to be a gay cowboy in a rodeo, he admits to Married at First Sight viewers that Lillian is only putting 60-70% into their marriage while he’s giving it his all.

Tom takes Lillian to the beach to teach her to surf. He wants to show her the things money can’t buy and share his love of the ocean with her.

The newlyweds invite their friends out for a night of bowling and fun. Everyone has a great time.

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: When Heather meets with Married at First Sight relationship expert, Rachel DeAlto, the flight attendant says she has no regrets. She describes her time with Derek as “bittersweet.” 

When Derek comes in, he says it “feels nice” to see Heather. He explains that the experience pushed him, and Heather shares that she’s learned to trust herself.

When Rachel asks if the couple would like to file for divorce as soon as possible, Derek is thrown off when Heather says, “I would think so.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Derek asks pointedly. He adds that he’s surprised his wife didn’t bring the necessary papers with her. Rachel acknowledges that there it’s tense between Derek and Heather. Derek is clearly annoyed, telling the expert that tension is “normal” between he and Heather.

Derek tells Rachel he has no regrets. Heather admits that she most-likely wouldn’t marry a stranger again, but she’s open to marriage in the future.

After the meeting, Derek reveals that he believes the face-to-face talk was a “good thing overall.” Heather wants to move on.

Sneak Peek: Coming up on next week’s episode, Heather’s friend tells her she comes across as “a little pretentious or stuck up.” Derek has drinks with another woman. Sonia considers moving back in with Nick. When Tom and Lillian invite their moms into town for Mother’s Day, Lillian gets upset.

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