Married at First Sight’s Heather Decides Whether She Should Remain With Husband Derek

heather derek MAFSHeather decides whether she should remain with Derek on Married at First Sight. Read The Knot's recap here. (Photo credit: FYI)

What. An. Episode. While the Married at First Sight participants experience an accelerated marriage process — they have six weeks to form a bond and decide whether to remain married — one couple decided to rapidly expedite that process on Tuesday, September 13. 

Here, The Knot recaps everything from the latest episode, including whether Heather and Derek made it past their honeymoon.

Derek Heather MAFS married at first sight

Derek Schwartz opens up to The Knot about his wife Heather’s decision. (Photo by Karolina Wojtasik / FYI)

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: They’ve spent time apart following their honeymoon disaster, and Derek has made it clear he prefers to stay married to Heather. The newlyweds meet with Dr. Calvin to voice their final decisions. After last week’s excruciating cliffhanger, Heather is finally opening up to Derek.

“I’m really sorry about how things have gone,” she tells him. “I don’t think you’re a bad person at all, and I’m sorry that I can’t move forward with you. I cannot be married to you, and I hope that you understand that.”

When Dr. Calvin asks if she wants a divorce, Heather admits that she does.

Derek states that he respects where his wife is coming from, but he doesn’t believe she gave their marriage a fair chance. “It’s all crashing down so fast,” he says in the confessional. He continues by sharing it’s “hard to believe” that Heather chose to divorce him.

Along with Derek, Dr. Calvin is clearly disappointed by Heather’s verdict. He tells her he’s “profoundly sorry” to hear her choice and that all of the Married at First Sight experts were rooting for them as a couple. “It’s very disappointing,” the expert admits, adding that Derek and Heather will have to get a legal divorce.

As the soon-to-be divorced duo leave their decision day, Heather wishes Derek luck, and he wishes her the same. “I don’t regret putting myself out there, but I wish that things could have turned out differently,” Heather shares with viewers. Derek, on the other hand, is feeling “blown away” and “betrayed.” He recalls that he was so optimistic and hopeful at the start of the experiment, and now he’s feeling defeated.

“I’m not proud of choosing to get divorced,” Heather says later. “I’m not proud of that. It’s embarrassing.”

She’s going back to her “boring, yet very lovable life,” and states that, “Maybe one of these days I’ll find love. I’m not sure.”

In the meantime, Derek is struggling to foresee his future with someone else. “I can’t help but think maybe I’m the type of person that’s supposed to be alone,” he shares in the confessional.

Once Heather has had time to reflect on the breakup, she appears to be having trouble processing the situation. “I can’t believe this is my life right now,” she tells Married at First Sight viewers. “I’m getting a divorce. I’m sad. I’m feeling heartbroken, because I felt like this was something that really could work. It’s just such a disappointment.” She goes on to say she’s “emotionally exhausted.”

“I know Derek was not the one. I hope he’s okay, and I hope he doesn’t regret doing this either,” Heather muses. “I had the best intentions. I’m sad that we were matched and it didn’t work.”

Derek is having a difficult time as well. He has yet to tell anyone his news, including his mother and coworkers. “It’s embarrassing,” he admits as he looks back on the experiment. “What was it about me that was so bad?” He shares that he knows he’s not perfect, but he tried his best.

When he visits a friend and breaks the news that he’s getting a divorce, Derek’s confidant builds him up, assuring him he did his best.

Derek tells Married at First Sight viewers that he still believes in love, but he’s not ready to date again.

Tom Lillian Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight season 4 participant Tom Wilson opens up to The Knot in an exclusive interview about his near-immediate chemistry with his wife, Lillian Vilchez; Plus, he shares the pros and cons of partaking in FYI’s social experiment. (Photo credit: Gio Morales / FYI)

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: After taking the dogs for a morning walk, Tom arrives home to realize Lillian is nowhere to be found. He calls and texts her but receives no response. He realizes it has been a “rocky past couple of days” after not seeing eye-to-eye with Lillian about having children in the future, but he thought they were “in a good place” after their disagreement.

When Lillian comes home, she’s upset and wants to be alone. She goes into the couple’s bedroom, but Tom is insistent that she talk to him.

Lillian tells Tom that she has to have surgery on her shoulder. She had gone to a follow-up appointment with her doctor that morning expecting to get the all clear, but she was devastated to learn that the injury she sustained from a car accident prior to meeting Tom would need surgery.

Lillian worries that having to care for her will be “too much” for Tom. He assures her he’s there for her, but Lillian seems unsure.

When Married at First Sight relationship expert, Rachel DeAlto, visits the newlyweds, Tom asks for her advice as to how to approach Lillian. Rachel asks if he can see a future with Lillian, and he quickly says yes. The expert encourages him to “lead with that” and to keep reassuring his wife that he’s there for her.

When Tom and Lillian sit down with the expert together, Tom says he’s fully committed and explains to Lillian that she’s no longer a stranger to him.

Although they have a “very active” sex life, Rachel encourages the couple to continue building their emotional intimacy. She explains that the more fun they have, the easier the difficult things will become.

Before leaving their home, Rachel gives Tom and Lillian body paint. Later, the couple uses the gift in bed.

sonia nick mafs

Sonia and Nick from season 4 of FYI’s Married at First Sight (Photo credit: Karolina Wojtasik / FYI)

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: After an argument, these newlyweds sit down to hash out their feelings. It’s an awkward exchange, as neither of them know what to say to each other. Sonia finally shares that she shouldn’t walk away when she gets upset with Nick. They seem to be in a better place after the short conversation.

Nick plans a romantic dinner for Sonia. He gives her a sunflower (her favorite flower) and hopes they’ll loosen up after getting “a little drunk.”

When they get home later, Nick puts one of his dogs in a crate beside the couple’s bed. Married at First Sight viewers learn that the newlyweds still haven’t been sleeping together because of the dog situation.

Nick has trouble ignoring the dog who is whining in its crate, but Sonia is happy to be sharing a bed – and hoping they become “more intimate.”

When Rachel visits the duo, she describes them both as “over-thinkers.” When the expert spends time alone with Nick, he explains that his attraction to Sonia is “not quite as strong” as if he had picked a woman himself. “I’m still trying to give it a chance to develop,” he explains of his attraction to his wife. He wants to wait for intimacy until it “feels comfortable.”

When Sonia talks with the expert alone, she shares that the dog situation is getting better. She wants to take her relationship with Nick “to the next level.”

Rachel is kind but honest when she tells Sonia that she and Nick are “terrible communicators.” The Married at First Sight expert gives the couple the gift of a “Mr. and Mrs. game” with truth-or-dare questions “for emotional and physical intimacy.”

Later, the newlyweds play the game and are prompted to act out their first kiss. During the “truth” segment, Nick shares that his favorite physical features of his wife are her “butt, boobs, and teeth.” He also admits that his favorite sexual position is having the girl on top. Then, he surprises Sonia by telling her he once had sex in a public pool bathroom.

As another gift from Rachel, the couple goes for a tantric massage. The massage therapist explains that the purpose of the sexy massage is to build a connection.

Sonia finds an eye-gazing session with the therapist “a little bit freaky.” The women sit with their legs intertwined and stare into each other’s eyes. Afterwards, Sonia jokingly says, “I’m pretty sure I’m a lesbian right now.”

The therapist tells Nick that his energy is “reserved” and “guarded.” He sits between Sonia and the therapist and shares that he is comfortable. He admits that he’s “intrigued” by the practice.

Sonia is hopeful the session may lead to something more. “Maybe it’ll happen tonight. Who knows?” she says of sex with her husband.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode, Derek tells his mom that his marriage to Heather is over. Lillian plans a surprise for Tom. Sonia and Nick get more romantic.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.

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