‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Heather Is “Turned Off” By Derek’s Smoking

heather derek MAFSHeather and Derek are one of the featured couples on season 4 of Married at First Sight. (Photo courtesy FYI)

Honeymoon blues. They’re only a few days in, but some of the Married at First Sight participants are already having second thoughts. On the Tuesday, August 16 episode, all three couples begin to face conflict and some are even questioning whether it was worth marrying a complete stranger.

Here, The Knot recaps the highlights (and lowlights) from the couples’ honeymoons.

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: After only five days of marriage, Heather is beginning to see “red flags” with Derek. She’s frustrated that he’s messier than she is, and she is annoyed that he occasionally smokes and likes to gamble.

While they’re on their honeymoon in Puerto Rico, the newlyweds go for a bike ride. Derek is confused why Heather won’t slow down and take time to bond with him. Heather tells Married at First Sight viewers that if they were dating, she wouldn’t go out with Derek again. “We couldn’t have been more distant,” Derek says after their day together.

Later, these Married at First Sight newlyweds are lounging near the beach when Derek asks Heather if she’s feeling tension between them. She tells him she’s aggravated that he’s been “smoking every single day.” Derek explains that this isn’t a “typical example of [his] schedule” since they are on vacation.

“I am so turned off,” Heather admits. “It shouldn’t be like this.” But her husband calls her out on the fact that she’s been drinking constantly on their honeymoon. He feels “betrayed” that Heather didn’t open up to him about her concerns before they got to a boiling point.

Heather believes Derek is putting himself in an “altered state of mind” when he smokes. He tells her she’s being judgmental and that there is no “perfect person” out there, but Heather stands her ground. As they continue to argue, Derek blurts out, “I didn’t think I was gonna get matched with an alcoholic,” leaving Heather understandably upset.

Derek goes on to tell Heather that it’s like she’s living in the 40s. Heather explains that she “has morals” and she’s “classy,” and she’s happy with her life, so she’s comfortable with him believing that.

“You’re so set in your ways and you think that your life is so perfect as is,” Derek tells her. “Obviously it’s not, or you wouldn’t be here today.” He wants her to see that no one is perfect and there needs to be compromise.

Heather admits that she feels like she’s “failing” as her husband walks away.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: During their honeymoon in Jamaica, everything is going swimmingly. Tom admits that his marriage doesn’t feel real – as if it’s “too good to be true.” The happy couple consummates their marriage on the first night of their honeymoon. “It was beautiful,” Lillian shares. “It was perfect,” Tom adds.

Tom is smitten with Lillian and her body. He enjoys seeing her in her bikini and is more than happy to apply sunscreen all over his wife.

At dinner, Lillian opens up to Tom about their relationship. “You are the person… the man that I see myself with… beyond the six weeks,” she tells him. She thinks they are living a fairytale.

Tom is enjoying the romance and how much they have in common, but he’s nervous that once Lillian gets to know him, she won’t accept him for who he is. She still has no idea that he lives in a bus. Tom tests the waters by telling his wife that he’s a “minimalist” during pillow talk.

When Lillian asks Tom what he means by “minimalist,” he explains that people tend to have a lot of things that they think make them happy, “like a really super nice car.” Lillian is immediately upset, because she drives a brand new car (which Tom is aware of). She is upset that her husband is putting her in “that category.”

“Who’s gonna wanna buy a new condo from me if I have a 2003 car?” Lillian asks. Tom explains that he didn’t mean to upset her and that he meant “Miami in general,” and he wasn’t judging her. Lillian easily forgives her husband.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: These newlyweds have breakfast in bed in the Dominican Republic. They use the ironing board as a bedside table before going paddle boarding in the ocean. Sonia wants to “establish an emotional connection” before she gets intimate with her Married at First Sight match. As he undresses to get in the water, she admits that he has a nice body.

Later, the couple goes horseback riding to a waterfall. It’s a romantic date, and they kiss in the water. “It feels right,” Sonia says. “It just feels perfect.” Over dinner, she tells Nick that she’s glad she was matched with him. “The experts did a pretty damn good job matching us,” she tells him.

But during a pillow talk session, Sonia gets upset when Nick insists on taking things slow. He doesn’t want to rush things, stating that he’s “at a five day pace, not at a 30 day pace.” Sonia is confused by his admission. After some time apart, Nick apologizes and Sonia forgives him.

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