‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Tom Asks Lillian For a Postnuptial Agreement

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The honeymoon is officially over. On the Tuesday, August 30, episode of Married at First Sight, the couples returned to Miami, where they were faced with making some difficult life choices. The Knot recaps the highlights as the plot continues to thicken.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: These Married at First Sight participants are falling for each other. Lillian describes the honeymoon as “a fairytale.” Although she says it’s been “like a dream,” she wants to see what real life is like with Tom.

So far, Tom appears to be smitten with his match. He adores her “bubbly personality, gorgeous eyes, beautiful smile, and sexy swagger.” Tom shares that sexually, Lillian is “definitely very passionate.” He has no complaints in the bedroom, admitting their “sex life is good.”

When they return from Jamaica, Tom meets Lillian and her dog, Zeus, at her apartment. He hits it off with the pup, and Lillian is relieved, joking that if Zeus didn’t like her husband, she would’ve had to divorce him.

Tom is nervous when it’s his turn to show Lillian his place. When they pull into the RV park and he announces he lives in a tour bus, Lillian is concerned – but it doesn’t take her long to appreciate that Tom is content with living a “simple lifestyle.” She’s determined to keep an open mind, but she’s also aware that there is not enough living space on the bus for both of them.

When they discuss finances, Lillian explains that her income varies due to the nature of her work as a real estate agent. She averages at least $60,000 a year, which Tom seems happy with. Tom makes a comparable income, and he’s thankful they won’t have to worry about money so they can focus on their future.

Taking the conversation a step further, Tom asks Lillian if she would be okay with signing a postnuptial agreement. She prefers that they trust one another, but for now, she agrees to signing the document.

Although Tom’s tour bus is part of his identity, he realizes they need to find a home together. When they go house-hunting, Tom and Lillian like the first house they look at – but Tom is understanding when Lillian explains that the commute would be too far.

The next house is the clear winner. It is fully furnished, centrally located, and $2,000 a month.

On the first night in their new home, Lillian makes Tom dinner. When they go to bed, she asks him to wash his feet each night before he gets into bed. Tom describes his wife as a “germaphobe,” but he’s willing to wash his feet for her. “If you wanna get laid, wash your feet,” Lillian laughs.

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: After a turbulent honeymoon in Puerto Rico, Heather is ready for some space. She’s not speaking to Derek, and while he’s not optimistic, Derek is committed to the couple’s “obligation.”

When they arrive home in Miami, Married at First Sight expert, Pastor Calvin, asks them for an emergency meeting. Heather tells him she’s “worn out” and “extremely unhappy” with “the whole situation.”

The expert explains that Heather and Derek are not on a blind date; they are married. “This will be on your record as having been married,” he tells Heather – who is unsure if she wants to stay married to Derek.

Pastor Calvin asks Derek to leave so he can talk to Heather alone. She tells him she’s exhausted and she needs a break. The expert explains that there are no breaks in marriage, but Heather tells him she needs to sleep on it.

When Derek returns, he says he’s willing to work on the marriage if Heather is. Pastor Calvin doesn’t think it’s fair that Heather is taking a break from her husband, but he gives her a couple of days to make her choice.

“The best things worth having take work,” Derek tells Married at First Sight viewers. “I will still fight for my marriage for sure.”

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: They’re back from the Dominican Republic, and after going home to their own places, Nick visits Sonia’s apartment to see if he may want to live there. He likes her place, but he’s concerned about the “dog situation.” His two pets are used to his home, and he can’t move them to Sonia’s apartment.

When Sonia visits Nick’s house, she’s impressed – but she’s afraid of his dogs and the commute is too far from her job.

Nick and Sonia decide to look for a house, but first they have to talk money. Nick tells Sonia he makes between $80-90,000 a year. Sonia – who works for a nonprofit organization – shares that she makes $43,000. She tells Nick that she has student loan and credit card debt. Nick has student loan debt as well.

After looking at a couple of homes, Nick and Sonia decide on a four bedroom house with a hot tub and hammock for $3,200/month. It’s over their budget, but it’s clear they both love the house right away.

It doesn’t take long for Sonia to realize that Nick is much more affectionate with his dogs than he is with her. “It’s always about the dogs,” she tells Married at First Sight viewers – wishing her husband would give her more attention.

As they toast to their new home, Sonia hopes she and Nick will connect on a deeper level.

Sneak Peek: On the next episode, Heather makes her choice. Will she stay with Derek or walk away from her marriage? Nick tells Sonia he’s not in love with her, and Lillian is annoyed when Tom implies he doesn’t want children.

Married at First Sight airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.

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