‘Married at First Sight’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: Sam “Not Physically Attracted” to Neil

Married at First Sight's Sam and Neil's weddingIn the December 15 episode of FYI's married at First Sight, Sam and Neil went on their honeymoon in St. Croix and got to know each other. Credit: L. Hunter Photography

As if meeting their grooms at the altar wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, the Married at First Sight brides are now spending their first night alone with their matches and being whisked off on honeymoon adventures.

The December 15 episode, entitled “Wedding Night,” featured three very smitten grooms and their seriously uncertain brides. Let’s dive into the details as we anxiously await next week’s episode…

Neil Bowlus & Sam Role: Although Sam’s family is impressed with her match, she’s not feeling the connection. “Part of me wants to cry because I had a different image in my head,” the new bride admits. “I imagined that I would find him a little bit attractive… but I don’t.” Neil is initially happy with his bride, but he begins to feel the tension when they arrive in their honeymoon suite. “There’s some awkwardness,” the groom acknowledges.”And by some, I mean a lot of awkwardness…” In an attempt at humor, Neil changes into one-piece pajamas with the words “big spoon” on the chest. While Sam is apparently weirded out by her husband’s choice of honeymoon attire, she does get a good giggle from it.

The pair does not consummate their marriage, and it seems there are no plans for sex anytime soon. While they are enjoying room service the morning after their wedding, they open a card which informs them they’ll be going to St. Croix on their honeymoon. “I’m not going to have sex with Neil on my honeymoon,” Sam tells viewers, and she follows it up with a heart-to-heart chat with her match. “I’m not physically attracted to you,” she tells her husband in an attempt at brutal honesty. Neil looks shocked but reveals that, while his wife hurt his feelings, “I respect it.” The groom goes onto say that it’s not all “about the look.” “I’m not a 10 on a scale from 1-10,” he acknowledges. “I know that.”

Despite the difficult conversation, the couple takes off to their tropical destination. Although Sam is terrified at the thought of seeing a shark, she agrees to go snorkeling with Neil in hope it will help their bond. Unfortunately, Neil is so caught up in the moment that he never checks on his bride below water. She’s relieved when she gets back on the boat, but what had the potential of being a romantic experience goes down the drain.

Neil knows that the relationship is going to take a lot of work. “I’m awkward. She’s awkward. But we’re going to figure it out,” he tells viewers. Sam admits that she’s uncomfortable sleeping with her new husband, but a pillow fight seems to break the ice. Laughter appears to be the only connection between these two so far. Is that enough to build a foundation on? We’re not giving up on this duo yet!

Tres Russell & Vanessa Nelson: These newlyweds had an instant connection on their wedding day, and the lack of awkwardness between them when they’re alone is refreshing. Although Tres is more than happy to consummate his marriage, Vanessa is not quite ready. The bride admits, “I enjoy kissing my husband,” but she says that intimacy “should just come naturally.”

On the morning after their wedding day, the pair finds out they will be going to St. John on their honeymoon. They open wedding gifts in bed before meeting their families for a post-wedding brunch. “My family has never taken to someone I have dated like they have to the girl I just met,” Tres says. The chemistry appears to carry over from the happy couple to the people they love the  most.

In a surprise twist, Vanessa seems to be having second thoughts during a face-to-face chat on the beach in St. John. Tres is a former serial dater, it seems, and his bride is concerned he’s a playboy. Although Tres believes Vanessa may balance him out and slow him down, the new bride fears that they are at different places in their lives. “I like Tres,” Vanessa acknowledges, “but I’ve liked a lot of guys who turned out to be nothing special.” Will Tres’ past come back to haunt him? We have a feeling it just might.

David Norton & Ashley Doherty: Despite their incredibly rocky start, Ashley is opening her mind to the possibility of a happily ever after with David. She’s impressed with what a gentleman he is and shares, “I’m just blown away by how he’s treated me.” The bride’s change of heart may have everything to do with her past. She previously put an emphasis on men’s looks, and she realizes that approach never results in success.

After carrying his wife over the threshold, the couple chats in bed, even recording a “day one” video on David’s diary cam before going to sleep. While there is an unspoken understanding that there will be no wedding night sex, the couple is surprised that sharing a bed is not strange for them.

At a post-wedding brunch with their families, their mothers agree that the match-makers not only did an excellent job at bringing David and Ashley together; they matched the perfect families, too. After saying their goodbyes, the duo heads off to their honeymoon destination in Arizona.

Ashley loosens up considerably, and her new husband can’t take his eyes off her. He admits that being with such a beautiful woman gives him confidence, and says, “it’s nice to look over and see her laughing.” In true gentleman-style, David asks Ashley how she’s feeling during a romantic honeymoon dinner. Although the newlywed admits she doesn’t “have traditional honeymoon feelings,” she assures her husband he’s doing nothing wrong. This match seems to be moving in the right direction. Will the honeymoon phase continue once they get back to real-life? Only time will tell…

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