‘Married at First Sight’ Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: “Sex is Important”

Married at First Sight's Vanessa and Tres at home togetherMarried at First Sight's Vanessa and Tres at home together. Credit: FYI

The Married at First Sight newlyweds are two weeks into married life, and now that they’ve moved in together, reality is hitting hard.

On the January 5 episode, entitled “Meet the In-Laws,” the couples are celebrating Father’s Day with their families, and one newlywed passes out drunk. Let’s get caught up on the marital drama as we continue to wonder who will make it beyond the six-week Married at First Sight process…

Tres Russell & Vanessa Nelson: While she has previously kept mum about her sexual relationship with Tres, Vanessa opens up on the latest episode. “Yes, we consummated our marriage,” she tells viewers. “Sex is important in marriage. It’s not the only thing… but it’s important.”

When Tres’ family visits for Father’s Day, Vanessa has a heart-to-heart with her new father-in-law. “I think it’s going better than I thought it would,” she acknowledges about her marriage. And when Vanessa tells Tres’ dad that she doesn’t have a relationship with her own father, he tells her it’s his loss. “If you ever need anything from your father, I got you,” he tells her. The new bride admits that she can see herself being a part of Tres’ family.

After the couple’s family time, Tres goes out with the guys to continue the celebration. He comes home and passes out drunk, leaving Vanessa feeling vulnerable. “Maybe his friends are more important than I am,” she tells viewers. But when she tells her husband she wants to know she can rely on him, he tells her he “didn’t do anything wrong.” He explains that he’s “scaled down” his partying and that he’s worked hard to change. Vanessa isn’t convinced, telling him “In my mind, you’re not ready to be a husband.”

When the couple sits down with Dr. Pepper, an expert on the show, she encourages them to have a conversation about their expectations. They take her advice, and Tres explains that he won’t be happy in their marriage if he’s not able to have fun. Vanessa acknowledges his concern, and she promises to try to be “more relaxed.”

David Norton & Ashley Doherty: Father’s Day is a difficult time for David, who lost the father he was very close to. Ashley admits that she doesn’t “fully grasp” his feelings, as she is not in contact with her biological father, and she’s never lost a parent.

When Ashley asks her husband why he’s grumpy on Father’s Day morning, he storms off to the bathroom, yelling “I… hate today, that’s why. It’s one of the hardest days for me.” Ashley tries to console David and he’s surprised, telling viewers, “I’ve never seen the comforting side of Ashley.”

When David’s mother visits later that day, the two women have a talk. Ashley’s mother-in-law explains that David “holds a lot in.” They all sit down and watch home videos from David’s childhood. David enjoys the time, but Ashley tells viewers “it’s kind of information overload.”

During a talk with Dr. Pepper, she calls Ashley out for not referring to David as her husband. “I’m just trying to get used to the guy’s name,” Ashley tells her. And David responds by saying, “I don’t think we know what it’s like to be married yet.” He’s bothered by the lack of physical intimacy.

Because David wants to host a big party in their new home, but Ashley is uncomfortable with entertaining so many people, Dr. Pepper gives them a homework assignment to plan three events. She suggests they work up to the “big party” at the end of the six-week process.

Later, when the couple is in bed, David wants to talk about their relationship. Ashley prefers to talk about “light stuff,” and she finally reaches a “breaking point.” David leaves the bedroom to allow his wife to study for a final. He explains that his advice to a friend going through his situation would be,  “Man, she’s not digging you. Take a hint.” He’s not ready to give up, but Ashley isn’t ready to let her guard down.

Neil Bowlus & Sam Role: Despite Neil’s positive outlook, Sam isn’t responding to his efforts. She accuses her husband of not acting like himself when people are around, stating “I strongly believe that Neil is a different person on and off camera.” She tells him she wants him to say how he feels, and her husband admits, “I don’t let people in at all.”

When Dr. Pepper visits the newlyweds, Neil explains that he struggles with communication. The expert acknowledges that it’s difficult when the cameras are rolling. In a one-on-one chat with the doctor, Neil tells her that he felt “disrespected by [Sam]” on their honeymoon. The couple chats with the expert together, and Sam explains that she wants to be the “less dominant figure in the relationship,” and that she wants to be “put in her place at times.”

Neil wants a 50/50 relationship, stating, “I cook, I clean, I do laundry… that’s what I wanna bring to a marriage.” Sam doesn’t appreciate his laid back approach, admitting, “Right now, the bad is extremely outweighing the good.” Neil tells Dr. Pepper he’s committed to the marriage, but Sam says “I’m indifferent.” Dr. explains that “indifferent is the worst place to be.”

On Father’s Day, Neil goes shooting with Sam’s dad. “I’m genuinely scared about my, uh, life right now,” the newlywed admits, but he proves to be good with a gun. Neil’s father-in-law sees that Neil is guarded and isn’t mincing words. He tells his son-in-law he needs to “man up” and open himself up more. Neil agrees, acknowledging that he wants to let his wife in.

Later, after visiting with her dad, Sam seems to have an epiphany. “I need to give this boy a chance to grow on me,” she says about her husband. She thinks the Married at First Sight process is exhausting both of them.

Sneak Peek: On the January 12 episode, Vanessa is disappointed when Tres takes a work call while they are having a conversation. Neil is put on the spot when an expert asks him if his wife knows what his needs are. David and Ashley are on a ferris wheel, and he’s about to attempt a first kiss. “This is my forever moment right now,” he says. “My time’s now. I’m gonna kiss my wife.”

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